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I have decided to explain about my ideas for NoA - Last Legacy.

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I have big plans for this upcoming fullconversion mod, and I will speak, or rather, type about them so you will know what i will have planned and in case you have ideas what could be changed or made better.

First off: Saving

The fact that you can save & exit everywhere, at any point, regardless of how dangerous or inviable the situation may be + the fact some of you bois had a tendency to save scum on my bosses allowed me to think of this matter for a total of 1 second before i decided that the save & exit option from the menu is going away. Of course this decision is going to be followed up by my plans for said juicy death mechanics listed on the mod summary.

Death Mechanics and Autosaves:

Death in amnesia is often, in my opinion, kinda lame and never really punishing enough. You die, respawn not too far away and the monster is gone, though in some cases this will not be the case, in general dying, like in rebirth, is a very cheap ticket out of deadly situations.

What I want to do is that everytime you die, the map gets harder, like actually harder, there may be new monster encounters, new puzzles and overall new dangers that you would otherwise not have if you have zero deaths, also you can only die a certain amount of times in any single map before i give you the famous game over that youve had to suffer through my bosses. The total amount of times you can die is 3, so on the third death you get the game over. How all these things will happen and work in all the different maps of NoA, is something that i will figure out later.

Now, since you can no longer manually save & exit from the menu, the only way for the game to be saved is through autosaves. When and at what points of each map they will be called is again something i will have to figure out later on, but dont expect autosaves to happen too often, as i want to keep my new death system punishing enough so if you do die 3 times, you will lose some progress, but not too much, but that comes down to your imagination on what you think my definition of "some progress" is >:)

But, I plan to improve dying to bosses a little bit too, you will be allowed to die a certain number of times to the bosses now, the amount will be 3 and 6, on bosses that i consider not too hard, you can die 3 times, and on bosses that i consider slightly hard, you can die 6 times before the game over screen happens. Again for clarification the game over will happen on the 3rd death on easier bosses and on the 6th death on harder bosses.

Following the trend of making things harder after death however, the bosses too will get harder, isnt that truly wonderful. Kraera, hes a chill boi, so die to him and the next attempt will be just a tad bit harder, magnificent. though how this will go is that on easier bosses, each death will make it harder, and on harder bosses, it will get harder every 2 deaths, so on the 6 death bosses, the 2nd death and 4th deaths make it harder.

I believe thats all it about the new death mechanics and saving, i do however have one more idea that i am not sure how i could go about.

Darkness, Coldness, Warmth, Candles, Use tinderboxes on this one you plebe:

Tinderboxes, who cares about them, they are barely every meaningful in most custom stories, people pick them up but almost never actually use them to light up anything, so i came up with some truly wild concepts in an attempt to make tinderboxes actually useful.

Anorland is probably a cold place, with an everlasting night going on, or some dark shroud that covers the entire earth, not letting any sunlight come in, who knows nowadays, definitely not the work of some cosmic beings.

So keeping that in mind, you probably cant go around wandering outside without a heavy jacket, which dont exist apparently, or you just arent allowed to wear one for reasons, means that you my friend; are going to freeze to death unless you dont happen to light up light sources along the way. Everytime you are on an outside map, or a map which could be generally considered very cold, you are gradually going to become slower, your vision starts to fade out, and then you kinda just die, unless you occasionally stay at a light source or keep the lantern on which slowly gets you better, its not gonna be too slow so no worries there, and then you can keep about on your journey. But, dangers are crawling all around Anorland, so who knows if you lighting a candle in a pitch black forest is gonna attract some attention...

Also if you happen to be walking in heavy mountainous region with lots of lightning going on, be careful not to get hit by one... or distract them by other means...

Anyway, thats all my ideas for now, if you have feedback to give or further ideas, or if you think something can be improved, comment them and i will read them.

Big spooky caves...Reflections yay...Super cool...


I said this before, and I'll say it again. Make sure in the 3rd part, split the forest into multiple parts so it would be easier to load. I can't continue with the 3rd act because of this.

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I also think you shouldn't worry about making the game harder for now, and just make that version a challenge mode.

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