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Ian goes back to the inspirations of Crimson Keep and talks about how they've influenced each feature of the game. (part 1)

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Crimson Keep is a game that emerged out of large number of influences, and I think an interesting way to look at those is by feature. So let’s take a look at the features in Crimson Keep, and where they came from.

Random Level Generation - This obviously comes from roguelikes, roguelites, and other games inspired by them. The first I played was Diablo; engrossing and awesome. The fact that the dungeons, monsters, quests, and loot were random every time not only added to re-playability, but made the game feel scarier, feel harder. You don’t know what exactly is around that corner even after the 100th time, and that’s very cool.

First Person Perspective- I think the first game I ever saw played, was Hexen; a hyper-violent, first person slasher, thanks dad. Hexen made it clear it’s super fun to pick up a weapon, dodge projectiles, run in and slash monsters apart with an axe, and revel in the gory glory of it all. Hexen was also a bit of a lesson in what not to do. Hexen 2 is notorious for terrible backtracking and vague key hunts. This padded the content of the game, but in a bad way.

RPG Progression- One of the lures of our game is our attempt to combine the traditional RPG progression of levels, stats, and abilities with core gameplay that requires skill. Strafing, dodging, and headshots matter in Crimson Keep, but so does getting new equipment, skilling up with a weapon type, and choosing abilities and specializations. The RPG/stat side of most of this comes with my experience with MMO’s like Everquest. I’ve never played another game where getting an item, or skilling up with a weapon type can feel as meaningful and rewarding as Everquest.

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I’ll talk some more about the other features of the game and their inspiration in a future update. Thanks for reading!

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