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Take a peek at the upcoming Martial Arts Spell Sphere, with all it's spells, while also looking at the new Divination Magic Changes

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Hello, Warlords fans! I am here to present you with a new, unique Spell Sphere, Martial Arts. Martial Arts focuses mainly on melee combat, being mastered by the Zealot, Monk and Battlepriest Classes. Few warriors can stand toe to toe against a hero that has knowledge of Martial Arts.


Spell 1: Blade Dance

Blade Dance is the first technique you learn when leveling Martial Arts. This spell allows you to strike all nearby enemies for half damage. Later levels will allow you to deal twice your hero's damage to the enemies around. The advantage of this spell is that it costs little and deals your hero's damage type.

Spell 2: Focus

After casting this spell your hero will gain bonus spell casting. As simple as it sounds, this spell gives you more spell casting the more intelligence you have, allowing you to focus on your combat skills, but also rewarding intelligence users.

Spell 3: Monkey Reflexes

This spell favors dexterity users. For the duration of this spell, the caster gains a combat bonus based on his dexterity.

Spell 4: Spitfire

Spitfire is as firey as it sounds. During the duration of the spell, your hero gains a flaming splash attack. This spell does not alter the hero's damage type, but has a chance to set enemies alight.

Spell 5: Ox Strike

This powerful spell grants your hero the strength of an ox. While slowing his attack speed, he will gain certain critical chance. Each attack will deal double damage and have special effects.

Spell 6: Porcupine Stance

Although the name indicates otherwise, the spell is not a defensive spell. For the duration of this spell your hero gains armor and resistance and the ability to heal a percentage of his damage on attacks. It's not as good for running away than for staying in battle.

Spell 7: Chrysalis Form

This ability makes your hero peaceful as a butterfly. He won't be able to attack, but instead he will gain huge regeneration bonuses. You might not want to use this ability in battle as much as for recovering after a big fight.

Spell 8: Turtle Curl

Slow and steady wins the race. Well not sure about a race, but while in Turtle Curl your hero will move at minimum speed but gain a 75% mana discount. This spell might prove useful when combined with healing magic or fire magic.

Spell 9: Tiger Swipes

A spell favored by though warriors, Tiger Swipes gives your hero a great speed bonus based on your strength.

Spell 10: Army of One

As the name sounds, this spell will summon an army of illusionary heroes to fight for you. They can only be summoned for a short duration so you might not want to summon them outside battle.

But Martial Arts isn't the only new attraction...

In the next update, important changes will be made to the Divination Sphere. A lot of spells will be changed to increase the stats of nearby allies. For example, the Defense and Elemental Lore spells will now grant nearby allies a percentage of your hero's armor or resistance. A new spell is added instead of Psychical Blast, String of War, which grants nearby allies a portion of your hero's combat and damage. These spells will make Divination a great sphere to use in combat and support your troops.

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