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New development changes so far, focusing on weapons and gameplay changes

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New Changes

  • Menu animation updated to use the Mars model in the Resurrection of Evil Expansion.
  • All weapons fire without needing to reload, as expected in the DOOM series.
  • Runspeed increased and stamina is now effectively infinite like the classic DOOM games.
  • Used variant weapons using existing projectiles in Doom3 to maintain stylistic consistency.
  • Added a 30 second respawn timer to all enemies. May apply this only to the 3rd/4th difficulties.
  • Added Config Menu, but in the very early stages. Will eventually complete as a last resort.
  • Improved the speeds at which the AI makes decisions, and makes enemies hide less.
  • Ammo pickups were reduced since splash damage will help to kill more using less ammo.
  • The player's face is now slightly zombified.
  • Fist: Player melee improved, and also discharges a short ranged lightning projectile.
  • Hellfire Pistol: Now fires faster, with an added souls particle effect.
  • Purifier Shotgun: Fires several fireballs , projectile spread increased.
  • Arcane SMG: Fires a rapid succession of luminescent rounds, sped up slightly.
  • Infernal Chaingun: Fires hellish rounds which explode on impact, damaging those around.
  • Concussion Proximity Mines: Fires cluster of concussive mines, which last until enemies step on them.
  • Positron Cannon: Upgraded to fire faster, and discharges small area effect yellow energy bolts.
  • Havoc Cluster Launcher: Launches multiple rockets with a large spread of rockets.
  • Mega-BFG: Fires 20 small BFG projectiles which will bounce around until an enemy steps on them.
  • Chainsaw: Now fires a fireball with added smoky effects.
  • Enemy AI Action Cooldowns reduced by 50%.
  • Player health and armor increased by 100% to keep up with new challenging features.
  • Music in boss fights and title/credit screens replaced with metal music.
  • Time-consuming PDA animation removed.
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