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So what does the City of Abandoned Ships: Combined Mods actually do? See here and find out!

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QuickMap V2 by Jonathan Aldridge:

* When you push M, this mod lists all the non-treasure maps you have found on the right. and shows the chosen map on the left, defaulting to the best Caribean map you have.
* You can click on the Caribbean map to zoom to the various island maps that you own, and then right click to get back to the Caribbean map.
* The maps can be carried by yourself, your fighters, or your Navigator. So you don't need to clutter your own inventory with 20+ maps.

* This mod also adds the new "Excellent" map created by Sordid, and add's it to the merchant lists (1 in 20 chance of them having it after level 8.)
**Many thanks to Sordid for his permission to include his excellent map.**

UseBetterPotion by Jonathan Aldridge:

This mod changes the effect of the "Use Potion" button.
Now, if you use a potion, it will pick the best healing potion it can find that doesn't "Overheal" you too much (if there is one).
If you are poisoned, it will use the best Antidote potion if available. If you are not poisoned, it will not use an antidote potion unless there is nothing else.

RumManagement by Jonathan Aldridge:

This mod changes the shop, ship details, ship to ship transfer and crew hire interface screens to show estimated Rum duration for your ship(s).
Also, every midnight it will also pop up a message giving the remaining days of rum for the ship in the fleet which is going to run out first.
You can also "Speak out aloud" and set the rum ration, between half, normal, and double, with morale effect +1,+2 or +3 per day.
**Inspired by the POTC Build Mod.**

BetterLooting by Jonathan Aldridge:

When pushing 1 to loot a pile of bodies, instead of only checking the closest body, this mod will make it pick the first nearby body with loot.
If no bodies have, loot, it will open the closest body.

OfficerCommand by Jonathan Aldridge:

With this mod, you can:
Push H (Hold) to command all your officers to stand where they are, they will defend themselves against close targets only.
Push G (Go/Follow) to start them all following you, still only attacking close targets.
Push C (Charge) to send them to attack anything nearby.

SpaceToTalk by Jonathan Aldridge:

With this mod, you can now talk to people by pusing space, as well as the standard Left Mouse Button.
This will only work if there's no default action up, such as open door, etc.

WhereAreMyShips by Jonathan Aldridge:

This mod adds a new tab to the players log, which shows the details of all the ships left in ports around the Caribbean.

QuestLookout by Jonathan Aldridge:

Ths mod makes the "lookout" report any quest ships spotted in the nearby sea (not world map)
I found it too easy to sail right past these guys.

CompanionBallChoice by Jonathan Aldridge:

Through the standard companion command system, you can now assign what ball type your companion should use, Cannon balls, grapeshot, knippels or bombs.
The companion will keep using these until you assign another type, or you assign the same type again, where it will reset to choosing the ball type itself.
The companion will also warn you when it runs out of the chosen ammo type.

No Crew Limit Capture mod by Vorius:

This mod removes the check on crew size when capturing a ship.
The game still does a check for min crew size when you try to go back to the world map, or use "Sail To", but only of you are not playing at the easiest difficulties.

Show Officer's Position mod by Vorius:

When assigning a ship captain and I scroll through my officers I did not know what position those officers held.
This mod shows you the officer's position under their name to remove any confusion.

** Allow female gender hero characters to appear as hire-able competitors.
Note, this does not include the female characters, but if you include them from another mod, eg. COAS_Characters, this allows them to show up in taverns.

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