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A detailed description of some of the features already implemented into Beach City.

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Chop Shops

If the player is looking to earn some quick and easy money then boosting cars is a great choice! Upon stealing a car the player can either use the car for their own personal use or they can drive it to a chop shop(Marked on the map with a CS). The value of the vehicle depends on it's damage and the type of car it is. A higher end car will sell for a much higher price. Upon selling the vehicle to the chop shop the player will receive "Dirty Money", this money must be laundered through a connection.

Gas Stations

Vehicles use up gasoline such as they do in the real world. If a vehicle you're driving runs out of gasoline the car will stop moving and you wont be able to drive it anymore. Gas prices change daily. This feature is still being fined tuned to get the perfect match for how much gasoline to lose per distance driven.

Truck Heists

Certain industrial vehicles will be "Truck Heist" vehicles. Stealing these will prompt a mini mission where you'll have a certain amount of time to take a vehicle to a drop off location and be rewarded with dirty money. If you fail to deliver the vehicle in the specified amount of time the mission will fail and you'll be wanted by the police.

Purchasing businesses is vital to your success as a gangster. Businesses give you a legal way to earn money without having to do any work. Businesses generate money for you every 24 hours(24 minutes game time). Each business will generate a different amount of money that you'll have to collect. (Don't worry businesses you own are marked on the map to make it easier to locate).

ATM's are located throughout Beach City and allow the player to interact with them by pressing the A button on an Xbox one controller or the enter button on their PC. Upon doing so you'll be promoted with a GUI with the option to deposit, withdraw or exit the ATM. It's a smart choice to keep some of your money tucked tightly into your bank account so you don't lose some of it when you die.

Connections/contacts play a key role in your success as a gangster. You can phone a connection from any payphone throughout Beach City. Depending on your connections reach level is the types of weapons, or items they'll have available. A connection with a military grade reach will be able to supply you with higher powered weapons then a street level reach would. Connections are obtained through missions and from meeting them at bars throughout the city.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We still have plenty of other features we'd like to showcase to you all but right now we'd like to wait until they're fine tuned so we can showcase them in videos for you guys!

All these features are still being worked on but we had enough done on these features to feel comfortable showcasing a feature video for each of them to the public. Let us know what you guys think and any feedback is always appreciated!

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