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Check us out on facebook: Need Modelers & Concept artists!!!
Jurassic Park Operations | Is a fan made Reboot from the Award Winning Jurassic Park Operations Genesis on PC, We are a Non-profit Indy Organization | This Started out as a Institute Project and are making it more | The game will be run by Crytek's cryengine 3 engine | New Features | *Able to explore your Jurassic Park in a third person perspective | *Many new buildings, including a Geothermal Power-plant | *All new Aero and Marine reptiles | © JPO is a non-profit, fan made game. All rights belong to Jurassic Park and Universal
We currently do not have a release date at this stage at the moment, because if some thing wrong happens (bugs etc). we don't want to do a DayZ, where they say the release date and don't release the game. until we feel that when the game is finished and ready and tested, then we will tell you awesome people the release date, we also will consider releasing a Beta

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