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Unfortunately. I had some problems with gamedesign, it was redesigned like 2 or 3 times, which is after a year of developing is not a good sign at all.

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Unfortunately. I had some problems with gamedesign of it, it was re-designed like 2 or 3 times, which is after a year of developing is not a good sign at all.

In the beginning the game had quite difficult gameplay mechanics with traps and obstacles etc., but I thought that that was difficult to design levels to. After that I decided to simplify the mechanics, and make it like you have to collect some things, do a little platforming stuff and you're done. But that was just damn boring. No spark in it. And after that I had another interesting idea, which once again was difficult to do and it costs a lot, a lot of time.

It is kinda too ambitious for me, which I didn't expect from a start. Even if that game would be free I just couldn't make if feel cheap like a lot of other free indie games. From that point there's way too much work for me. It woudn't be such a problem if only I wasn't working all alone.

So I decided to keep all ideas, sources and stuff of Fatal to myself and maybe to use someday anywhere else.

I have to apologize to everyone who was interested in Fatal.

But, among all this sad news I have a really good one.

Instead of Fatal I'm currently working on a remake of my old Far Cry mod Onirica, so this page will be completely changed to a new game (the engine is still Darkplaces). Actually I wanted to make it after releasing Fatal, but as you see plans are changed a little bit.

No worries this time...


Sad to fatal is gone but i loved Onirica and i didn't knew it was yours, congrats.

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This is quite sad, but understandable.

I've been at this point a couple times with the Archon mod.
It doesnt at all match how I imagined a 3D version of Archon and I'm still not 100% sure where to go from where I am. And I like to add the challenge of re-designing on the fly.

I've come to a point where I think the best thing would be to re-code 80% of the quake-c and even do some engine mods. A monumental task.

What I like to do when it becomes overwhelming is set it aside. Work on another project, or just play some games. Picking back up is never easy, even after only a couple of months. But I usually find I have some new ideas or a fresh perspective.

Perhaps later you will find that from the dream that drove fatal development, you have a way to complete it. Fatal has bold design elements that separate it from a world of "me too" shooters and platformers. I'd still like to see how it might turn out some day.

And the far cry mod looks interesting as well. Have to give it a try if I can find the time.

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skx_doom Author

Thanks for you reply. This is quite a widespread problem which single developers often encounter and I guess that I'm no exception.

But the thing is that some leveldesign elements from Fatal will appear in Onirica in even more interesting way in my opinion, so some works are still not in vain.

I will check out your mod in the free time too :)

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