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Music for Farmwand? Days passing by? Well watered crops? Come and find out everything we've been adding to Farmwand, you may even see some frogs and toads!

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Hello there!

Welcome to our newest devlog for Farmwand. In the past a few weeks we have been adding new gameplay features as well as bringing more farming and magical elements to the game which we will show you soon. But firstly, we have some very good news to share with you : we have found a composer for Famwand, and without further ado we would like to give a warm welcome to Sean McRoberts to our project!

Finding Farmwand's Music

McRoMusic 1000x1000

We've recently started to work on Farmwand's soundtrack with Sean(@seanmcro), a talented musician with plenty of experience making all sorts of great music, especially fantasy. He has made the main theme for the game and will continue working on many of the tracks you will hear in the game, bringing a unique flavor to Farmwand's sound.

We want our players to immerse themselves in this fairy tale experience, full of magic, exploration and wondrous journeys that awaits within the world of the game, not only through its visuals and story but also through every sound and music that plays during your adventures. We believe Sean fully understands the spirit of this project and with his talent will help bring to life through music the complex world we are creating. Please stayed tuned, because our first real trailer featuring Farmwand's soundtrack is coming soon!

Days that come and go

The passage of time is a very important feature in Farmwand, as it controls the growth of all the crops you plant, the animals you raise and even the potions you brew. Different activities are available depending on the time of the day, the month and even the season. There are even rumors that some magical items can be collected only on specific dates, at specific times!

Because of that, we have recently added the day and night cycle mechanics to our game, tied them up to our brand new UI through our magical "Seasons Clock" and to all the internal simulations for crops and other things. Now you can notice 4 distinct time periods : day, dusk, night and dawn both through the change of light and the indication of the clock hand.

There is quite a bit of work to do on the time system, as we now move into simulating the different seasons and how they affect the world and its inhabitants, but we are really excited to show you our progress.

Watering some crops

Early on we showed how the player will need to dig the land to prepare plots for the crops. We have developed an early version of how farming will work, now including the watering process. Step by step, the farming process feels more complete.

Although be aware that the water in your pot will run off at some point! And we have taken extra care to make different sets of animations to let you know when your watering pot is getting empty.

For those who love chores, you can choose to be a "decent" farmer and keep refilling your watering pot, and for those who don't, there would be multiple options (magical options, shhh!) to make your life easier :D

Cows, Frogs & Toads

What's the first animal that comes to your mind when we talk about farm ?
Moooo ~

"I have a cow!"

"My farm is...AWESOME"

Cows are probably our favorite farm animal but...what's yours? Comment under this devlog and you may see them in the game! ;)

One of our followers said fox, and no worries, all forest animals are welcome too! Like these ones :

"...Croak?" "Ribbit"

Pay attention to the frogs and toads in the woods, they may be essential to your potions and spells!

Thank you for reading this devlog, we are really happy to have you seeing Farmwand taking shape as time goes by, with more and more features and soon with its own music. We will keep showing you more news and updates in the next days, more devlogs every two weeks, and remember that you can also follow our development journey on Twitter.

Have a great weekend!

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