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Added Foundry, Ingame messages, New Food Generator 3d Model, Added Marked Planets in the galaxy map GUI and more...

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We would like to show you the new improvements, new features, new models and fixes that we did in the game.

We added the Foundry. Now the player can drop ores over the foundry and melt them in the core. The ingots will appear in the output. The player only have to put a conveyor belt in the output. This machine can be used with robotic arms too.

We updated the 3d model of the Food Generator and the Steel Factory.

A list with all the minor an major changes and updates in the game:

  • Fixed the issue of ores falling through the veins.
  • Added ingame messages, in order to guide the player during the first survival day in the game.
  • Added new material to the sun in the galactic map.
  • Changed the HUD of the planet info.
  • Changed HUD of Important Messages.
  • Improvement in the Light Environment, In the evening all the base is a little darker so the player can expect that the night will come soon.
  • Fixed the issue of the Automatic turrets shooting the scape pod and chests.
  • Added Player/Camera rotation when holding right click when the mouse is visible, Useful when the player is building and want to rotate.
  • Changed Night Skydome in some planets.
  • Added Current Planet in the galaxy map GUI. Now the player doesn't have to remember the name of the current planet.
  • Added Last Planets visited in the galaxy map GUI.
  • Added Marked Planets in the galaxy map GUI. Now the player can mark some planets as important planets. To do that the player needs to build a Planet Marker in the Planet.
  • Added new piece. Planet marker. This new piece marks the planet in the galaxy map. You can mark three planets at the same time. It will be improved in the future.
  • The 3d model of the Planet Marker is not definitive.
  • NOTE: The players who are playing before this update. If they have a spaceship, they will need to go to the galaxy map and come back to the planet if they want to use the planet marker or other GUI properly.
  • Updated 3d model of the Steel factory.
  • Removed Teletransport when player reaches the edge of the map, now there is an invisible wall.
  • Fixed Asteroids bugs related to collision.
  • Asteroids not longer destroy chests.
  • A little improvement in the core of the spaceship, it avoids falling a long distance when loading. Now it falls a little, Still need more improvement.

Some images of the new models:




Food Generator


Steel Factory

Thank you for your support.

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