Frequently asked questions and some technical informations on AIX2 Reality mod. The article is under contruction, and need many corrections by the native english speakers.

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- Where is the password for archive?
- It is in the file description, you must read it all. If you click on "Read more" and nothing happens - try another browser/disable conflicting extensions (like translators).

- When we started to play, something happened - I soared up over the battlefield, the lamb broke the seventh seal, then came a thunder and a voice said "Repent, sinner, for you are commanded to open your eyes and read the necessary information given from above, especially the installation instruction."
- I would have listened.

- Where I can get additional maps/why something doesn't work/99% of other problems:
- See the very first paragraph.

- What is the AIX2 Reality? Is it something like AIX2?
- Not exactly. I would say that after six years of development it's more like the FH2 or PR, with hard singleplayer/coop missions. It is a complicated mod (at least in comparsion with stock-alike ones), and not recommended for those who're under 20 years old and never played those two mods. It's mostly for players who really like guns and weapons.

- Six years? And where is the BF4-style GUI, nuclear weapons and thousands of new futuristic guns?
- I'm not making this for hype or something. I'm making the game that you and I could play - more and more, for many days. So there is no "wow-effect" stuff like AK-12 with laser pointer, Picatinni rails, EOTech, UGL, silencer and NOX system.
Just old good rifles and weapons.

- Why are you working on a such old game? BFV is out!
- I can't see anything compared to BF2, even if it sounds funny.
Arma 2/3 maybe, but what's done is done. BF2 has a good enough AI code, it looks not so bad, and it has low requirements.

- People said there are many crashes in the mod...
- Most of them didn't read the installation instruction at all. The patch fixes most of it, and installing the patch is the part of the installation instruction.
Another problem is the low avaliable RAM value - and, again, it is described in installation instruction.
The mod is very stable with the last patch.

- I've got a checksum error when I try to extract the archive
- You can see the checksum on the download page - if it is correct, try another WinRAR version.
If it is not, then try to repair the archive with WinRAR, and, finally, if it was failed, download it again, using download managers.

- Why the archive is password protected?
- Because I want to be sure that the users have read the description and instructions carefully, and to avoid negative reviews from those who didn't.

- I have problems with unpacking
- It's better to use WinRAR for unpacking rar archives. If you don't have it, you can try other programs, but it is not recommended.

- Where I can get the latest X patch?
- The link stays the same, so just download it again. You can check the date in Google Drive file options.

- Why there is no singleplayer mode?
- There are just no maps under the SP section, and you need to launch the singleplayer game from Multiplayer - Create local. The SP mode in BF2 is very limited.

- I've selected the Create local - Coop, and there are no maps in coop section
- It is the known BF2 bug, just select the coop tab again

- I can't launch the game/register the account
- Use 3rd-party launchers or platforms (like BFHD), official Gamespy servers are down.

- Why there are no weapons with optic sights?
- The game is designed to play with unlocks. So you need to use one of the available unlockers or launchers to redirect GameSpy requests to 3rd-party servers (like BFHD do). Also you can find heavy MGs and other powerful weapon in pickup kits.

- The game crashes at the map start
- Check the requirements again, especially needed amount of RAM

- The game is crashing at launch/playing
- Run it in a windowed mode to see the error: …\BF2.exe" +menu 1 +restart 1 +modPath mods/aix2_reality +fullscreen 0 +szx 1440 +szy 900

- I have the following error: "Text Font: Fonts/commRoseFontLocalBold_9.difnot found"
- The mod supports only the english localization of BF2.

- Failed to load Effect: StaticMesh.fx
- Only BF2 version 1.5 supported

- I have the "Memory insane check blah-blah-blah..." message/black textures/graphical glitches
- Clear the BF2 cache, located in \Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\cache\
If it doesn't help, try this archive with reduced effects quality.

- I have the "Text:0018FA2C" error
- This is the common problems with BF2 without GameSpy redirecting. Use 3rd-party launchers or platforms.

- I have no flags/some icons on a map
- This is the common bug, due to the memory issue caused by high number of icons. Nothing to do here - just restart the client

- The game with your mod lags a lot.
- It is not for an old machines. But the most effective way to speed it up is to set up your own dedicated server, even on the same machine, so I highly recommend it for those who're playing BF2 regularly. Also you can try to reduce the number of bots (see below), it has the most noticeable impact on fps.

- Why I can't play side X?
- Because most of the maps have assymetrical balance. But you can disable this limitation by editing files for each map. Just replace the team index for needed map size in it with 0, like gpm_coop = {64:(0,[blah-blah-blah])}

- What's up with the bot balance? I can't change it, I have 14 vs 40, etc
- It's ok, and it is the balance. As I said, it is more like the single/coop missions, and you can see the recommended side to play at the map's loading. Don't ignore it. The game designed to play only one team on most of maps (except several ones). But if it seems too difficult to you, or you just need some practice, you can change the bot's ratio manually: look inside the map's archive, in the Init.con files. There're sv. and ai. strings that defines it.

- I can't get into the enemy vehicles!
- It's the balance, again. Yes, you'll not be able to capture the enemy heavy vehicles (like tanks/IFVs/planes/helis) on most of maps, except for the defensive ones. But you still can capture some of light vehicles before an enemy gets into it.

- How is the active tank protection system (APS) works? I can't understand...
- It is available for T-90A and Merkava Mk4 only. You need to select it (6 and 7 keys appropriately) and press fire button. It will activate the system. Unfortunately, there is no adequate indications of system's status, so it "lives" 60s by default, but it can be disabled by two-three "intercepted" ATGMs/grenades, and you'll be able to launch it again only after 60 seconds.

- What is the strange C4 in a specops inventory on index 4?
- This is the rally point - the deployable spawn point for human player. Unfortunately, I still don't have any suitable hand geometry for it.

- I call support/medic/engineer, and nothing happens.
- Support class is the machine gunner now. It doesn't carry unlimited ammo anymore, but it can carry a small ammo bag, that can be dropped by a human player. An engineer class still can repair light vehicles and helis, but he's unable to repair heavy armored vehicles. It can be repaired near heavy ammo crates (look inside the logistic trucks) or fixed ammo crates on some maps. Medics work as before, with one exception - if an enemy is nearby, they will shoot on him, and will heal you only when it's clear.

- I'm a ****ing God in BF2, I can make rocket jumps, shoot planes from RPG-7 through the whole map etc...
- You'll die constantly

- I can do the same, but I don't want to die constantly. What should I do?
- You should start from the easy maps, where you can learn the basics. For those who're unfamiliar with Crusader series, the maps difficulty set is, in order of increasing difficulty: Mama's boy -> Weekend warrior -> Loose Cannon -> No regret/No remorse.
So start from AIX_Archipelago, FuShe Pass, Kubra Dam, New City, Taraba Quarry or Warlord 64.
Because, i.e., on Warlord 32 or Wake you will be smashed.

- How to change the amount of bots on maps, exactly?
- Firstly, if you want to play maps as it designed, you need to use the default, embedded settings, which are defined in a Init.con of each map archive ( Changing it can broke the gameplay - it was adjusted after hundreds of tests on each map. What you could really change - is the tickets numbers, 'cause after adding ticket loss at CP capture it needs some correcting.

But, if you really need to change the number of bots (you want to learn the map/tactics or it is too hard for you), then there're two ways the mod uses for adjusting the bots ratio.
The maximum number of bots defined in - it is 58 by default: aiSettings.setMaxNBots 58
Some maps is it as the default number of bots, the signs of using this way is the missing ai.* strings in Init*.con.
So, lets take a look at Dragon Valley 64:
sv.coopBotCount 22
sv.coopBotDifficulty 80
sv.teamRatioPercent 100
sv.coopBotRatio 100
Then it means that the first team (ch) will have 22 bots, and the second (nl) will have 58-22=36 bots. Very simple.

Another example, Dalian Plant 16.
We don't need whole bunch of 58 bots on such small map, so we need to redefine the maximum number:
aiSettings.overrideMenuSettings 1
aiSettings.setMaxNBots 11
aiSettings.setBotSkill 0.9
aiSettings.maxBotsIncludeHumans 0

sv.autoBalanceTeam 0
sv.teamRatioPercent 100
sv.coopBotRatio 100
sv.coopBotCount 6

So, in this case the maximum number of bots is eleven - six for the first team, and five for the second.

Remember, that there is a hard limit for MaxNBots defined in Init files, usually it is near 44. So if you have a CTD after loading, try to lower this number.

- How many bots can it handle?
- Many, but only 107 can be managed by AI commander - it means even if you would spawn 200 bots, then only 107 will fight, and 93 will stay at their places. For local games I would recommend maximum of 60 bots (even with very powerful CPU), for dedicated you can use the maximum number, but i5 or analogue is recommended.

- How can I get rid of CTD, caused by resource limit hit?
- Firstly, there are several maps in mod, which contains specific resources, and can cause other maps to crash: Gazala, MountainConvoyAttack, Eppeldorf, Battle of Brest, Dovre Winter. Use it only at the end of the maplist, or restart your server after it. If you're using dedicated, restart clients simultaneously.
Secondly, organize your maplist to run maps with same resources in a row, i.e. Al Sbeneh Region, Al Basrah, Beirut, Dovre, Gaza, Khamisiyah etc (those are from PR mod and utilizes the same resources in the most of cases).

- I've found a bug!
- You're welcome to write the report. If it is a CTD, please, run it in windowed mode and see if any error will pops up. It will really helps me.

- Are you still working at mod?
- Not so active, but yes. All changes are published with the patch, just check its date. Don't forget to check the patch from time to time.

- Where I can ask a question else?
- Find the Discord channel "MaxP Workshop":

- Are there any servers for it?
- Sometimes we play online on my own private server, and anyone can join. See info at discord channel.

- Unë nuk po flas anglisht, çfarë është fjalëkalimi?
- Давайте уважать друг друга, и пытаться общаться на языке, который учит большинство (как бы это ни было печально для многих).
Я ведь тоже могу шпарить на родном и могучем. Мне так легче.
Да и как Вы собираетесь играть, если мод поддерживает только английскую локализацию? C'est la vie.

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