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this is the F.A.Q for some mods....................

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Q : This is a new mod?

A : Yes, it will be.

Q : It´s made with a base game/mod?

A : Now i´m using the Sven Coop 3.0 only for Test of the game play

Q : Did you do the models and skins yourself?

A : No, the punch models i took ´em from and my brother and i re skinned. The World models like the lamp, the Sword, the kama(unfinished) i made ´em by myself

Q : How did you got this idea?

A : I´m a real fan of Mortal Kombat, first i got the idea of making a Mortal Kombat : Deception (singleplayer) in wich you are Shujinko (the main player) and the history goes on, Later i got the idea of a Mortal Kombat Deathmatch, and then This really growing project

Hope you like it, and cleared some doubts

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