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A simple FAQ, what will answer a lot of questions for you. (By Medici)

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(Q) RA3: Southern Rising is a name more suited for an expansion. Is this mod an expansion?
(A) No, it isn't. And if there's people thinking it's an expansion, then they must consider it an unofficial one. Red Alert 3's rights and wishes to make expansions belong to EA and EA alone.

(Q) Will this mod support multi-player gaming?
(A) Yes. Multiplayer will be included, but you and your opponents must be using the same mod to play, unless you're wanting it to crash.

(Q) Will the new faction (Forth) have it's own build system?
(A) Hopefully, yes. Build system's basic sketch is already planned and we'll discuss and perfect it. Final version will be published.

(Q) Will there be a beta?
(A) We don't know when will it be released. But we'll notify if there's something you need to know.

(Q) Will the mod feature new maps?
(A) Yes, this mod will feature new maps, in new locations like: on the Moon, on the Jungle and at Islands.

(Q) A lore question: Why Brazil, a minor country, would make part of a war between the most powerful nations in both the Red Alert universe and the real world? I mean, the Red Alert universe might have been changed time and again, introducing new factions with every turn, but still is a conflict between stereotypical nations with a deep history of war, a thing Brazil isn't much known for.
(A) The idea in this mod isn't going for stereotypical and agressive mood like the Germans, which are still a part of the Allied nations, or China, integrated to the Union in our universe, but for the unexpected. There's not much expectation in taking other factions that we know they can make a tough fight. Players may at first be surprised (and rather, shall we say, dissapointed) in seeing a minor-world-change participating country like Brazil take it's step into the conflict, but the balance, gameplay, skills and powers their secret army, the Forth, will have will make sure they're not dissapointed in playing it. Some may find them very competitive and very fun as well.

(Q) What changes will be made to the Allies, Soviets and Empire?
(A) Only the addition of 3 new units for each faction, each one according to counter-balance the weaknesses and flaws and others made to give an edge in middle or later games. One new and deadly super-weapon will be added to the factions as well, it's firepower being larger than the current super-weapons, but with a longer cooldown (approximately 15 minutes) to compensate.

(Q) Why not give at least one with early game advantage?
(A) A player that can micro infantry and use Sickels and Terror Drones smartly knows he/she has all the advantage he/she needs to easily beat some off-guarded players in early games. The adding of such purpose was made with the thought that players, often with Ore Mines running low, need an effective and quick solution to end their opponents. People that have plenty of resources will also be given an edge in these situations. But speed is also a need in such games, as the faster you can get these weapons, the faster you can turn the tables.

(Q) Will the Forth have their own "Top Secret Protocols"? Will there also be new Protocols for the old factions?
(A) Yes. We intend to create brand new ones for the Forth, all being unique and according to the player's style. The old factions already have a full tree of Protocols, so there won't be any additions besides the superweapons (which you must build structures to access them).

(Q) It has been noted that several of the Forth units, like the AVGN Abominable and the Ultra Saucer are reminds of the RA2 Yuri faction units, the Brute and the Floating Disc. Is the mod making a comeback to RA2?
(A) Red Alert 3: Southern Rising, is indeed making a comeback to several old units that people had fun with in Red Alert 2 and EA had dropped away long ago, but also keeping in balance with the storyline EA had set in RA3. I must personally add that I don't care about some things that were cut out in the Red Alert universe: Yuri's psychic division, nuclear weapons, Einstein and, above anything else, Kane's (Minor) participation in the events. I feel that Red Alert: Yuri's Revenge was Yuri's moment to shine, and even in RA2 itself he was sidelined by the major figure Romanov was. The absence of his own single-player campaign really cut him off from the universe, making players unable to share his point of view. I personally feel that each Red Alert game is centered on the Allied-Soviet conflict, with other elements showing up to show more of this "What If" universe: In RA1, it was the Cold War transformed in World War II due to Hitler's assassination by Einstein and Kane's moves behind the war, while in RA2 it was the Chronosphere technology and the Soviet psychic technology, and in YR, Yuri. In RA3, it's now the Empire. But also, as the timeline was altered again in RA3, so was the power distribution among the factions. For the Empire, it's psychic schoolgirls and anime-like robots. For the Soviets, it's a non-nuclear military that retains it's popular Kirov Airships and Apocalypse Tanks. For the Allies, it's the Chronosphere developed by an american corporation and cryo-weapons. The Forth make use of most factions' abandoned technology, from cloning and cybernetics to space travel and uranium technology, a thing Einstein should have researched, if Cherdenko had not intervened.

(Q) What of the weaknesses and strengths the Forth will have? Will they be in balance with the current forces?
(A) It isn't still known how that balance will occur, but we have a general sketch of what we might use.

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