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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are you making Silmarillion?

Because, it must be made. It is time and let the arguably best work of Tolkien be shown to people.

  • When is the release date?

Noone knows.

  • Why don't you join with Kingdoms of Arda and make the ultimate badass lotr project?

Simply, timelines are very different. It would take years and years to build that kind of project when you think about the massive task they already have - building the 3rd age from scratch.

Although, we know KoA developers well. A few Silmarillion developers are working on KoA or worked before. So if anything, we are supportive to them and there is absolutely no competition or any sort of bad blood between us.

  • Do you have a DISCORD? How can we support you?

To support us, if you have a talent or simply great love and knowledge in tolkien's world - you may reach out to join the development team.

Also, you can support us via patreon. We appreciate any help and are definitely doing our best work to be worthy of it!

  • How big the scope exactly is?

Absolutely gigantic. We tasked ourselves bringing the entirety of Beleriand to life.

  • What about cease&letter?

We are not worried about it, as project will developed completely free. We have patreon, however, for those who choose to support us in this adventure!

  • Will there be COOP?

Yes. We plan to add COOP with Silmarillion. Where two or (preferable more) players will be able to play real-time in world map, fighting together.

  • Will there be multiplayer?

Yes, however priority is singleplayer.

  • Will there be new items?

Lots, lots and lots of them! Vestments, armors, cloaks, swords, half-swords, broadswords, curved swords!

  • Can I meet with otherworldy beings such as Maiar or Ainur?

To be decided.

  • Will there be artifacts?

Yes. We will include much of the artifacts present in the books, including Silmarils. However, in what form, to be decided.

  • Will Elvish language or any other middle-earth language be present?

Yes. We will feature elvish and dwarven a lot during conversations. Even some locations that need to be fan-ficitoned will feature names using the work of Tolkien.

  • Will there be new gameplay mechanics?

Yes. We approach this project as a full total-conversion project, not just a reskin over Native. We will have flying dragons, main storyline among other mechanics that is to be decided in time.

  • Will there be magic?

It is something we are tinkering with. If anything, it will be in a very subtle form.

  • How many people are working on the project? Will you be able to pull off this project or is it just a desperate need for our attention?

Currently 15.

We want to play this game. We want to hunt orcs in desolate lands of Anfauglith with Beren, we want to sing with Luthien, we want to be terrified by a Balrog as he smashes down gates of Gondolin (walls, too!), we want to lose our minds as Glarung, we want to ravel in joy and happiness as we walk in lands of Aman and what we all want to do for sure is to fight evil of Morgoth and his lackey...Sauron.

  • Are you recruiting?

Yes! We definitely are. We are always on the lookout for talent. Project always could use one more artist, writer, composer, game designer and level designer. Here, join our development discord:

  • Will there be beasts?

Yes, there will be! Balrogs, one of them.

  • Will there be any character from 3rd age?

Yes! Not because we are cheating but there will be familiar faces from the 3rd age who lived in this time period, such as Elrond, Cirdan, Celeborn and Galadriel.

  • How is the world going to look?

That is our biggest task and the aspect of the project we devote most our time to. What we know is that, same way Peter Jackson visualized an entire middle earth in three movies, we are inspiring with the same ideology and on a task to visualize every single piece of land, object, characters, clothing, culture and beast before moving forward. We are painting even portraits to capture right look for characters!

  • Which stories from the book project will include?

All. Beren and Luthien, Children of Hurin (which is the starting timeline for now.), Fall of Gondolin and rest. Even Akaballeth ?

  • How many ages will there be? FIrst Age? Second Age?

First age, for sure. That is our starting point. Second Age, we would like to move on to in future, very far future. We got an entire first age to build first.

  • Are you taking inspiration from Peter Jacskon's movies?

Definitely, among tens of other sources of inspirations including original artwork of Alan Lee and John Howe for silmarillion, Karen Wydd and tolkien scholars. History is another avenue of sources naturally.


Sounds ambitious, I wish you the best of luck in this project, and in the same way i'm really looking forward to KoA with this article you also made me want to play this, and I have never read the silmarillion, not familiar with the stories nor a great part of the characters. Which could be good since I believe that if this mod sees the light of day I'll learn a lot about the stories of the Silmarillion and it's lore.
Thank you for your dedication, keep up the good work!

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EfeKaracar Author

Thank you! We will!

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