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Introduction to the campaign as well as features and backstory.

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Welcome to the page!

What's Fatal Freight?

Fatal Freight (or FF for short) is a custom campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 I have been actively developing over the past few months. It started off as a single map meant to be a test, and has since evolved into a 5-map campaign with support for all stock L4D2 gamemodes (Scavenge, Survival, Versus, Co-op).

What's it about?

After crashing their vehicle, the survivors are holed up in a small tunnel at the edge of the woods. Supplies and food are running low, when a strange transmission comes through the radio. A man, claiming to have an escape vehicle is located at the nearby train depot. The survivors gather their remaining supplies and head off into the unknown.


  • Utilizes the Left 4 Dead 1 survivor set (Bill, Zoey, Louis, Francis)
  • 5 full-length chapters
  • Designed with competitive play (Versus) in mind.
  • 4 Scavenge maps
  • 3 Survival maps
  • Refreshing environments spanning from dense woods, a sugar factory, a cliff-side highway, & more!
  • Custom voice acting!

Planned features?

  • Original soundtrack
  • Custom weapons
  • Custom graffiti (for the safe rooms)


Right now, TBD. But the aim is to have it in a stable beta build by the end of the year.

Now what?

Check back in the future for more progress! I will be updating this page as often as I can.

- Zorbos

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