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For the second part of the F.A.Q or the explanation about models i've been making, or both, please consult this.

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Greetings to all who read this. Before we can go on with the second F.A.Q I prepared to answer further questions for you, I have three announcements to make.Firstly, about the mod and the team who's standing with it, making a huge progress, despite the few numbers we have. Thank you very much for working hard, despite the difficulties of the real life and limitations in our designs. Gen. Kenobi, our co-leader and main assistant who provided us the balance we needed for the mod, the personnel we needed and the idea for the SLIM. Wixxi, and his concepts which surpass the very other mod designs, and responsible for the designs for the Jumper Tank and the AVGN Trooper. gtgamewizard, who's making the best of our designs under the polygon limit recommended for RA3. Gpm and Zaccari, for mapping and balance discussion. Although the loss of our beloved friend CraigK from our team, due to a project which will raise further his career, had shaken us all to the point of cancelling the mod, we were quick to recover and still move on. A prove of determination which can't be forgotten. I'm deeply honored to have you in our side bringing this new edge to the RA universe. We're the few, the brave, the proud and the serious, as this mod needs serious people to make them.

Secondly, about the models that I've been making. There's been un-limited concerns about the poly-count on the models. I can explain this in two things: Perfectionism and cutscene purposes. I can't help making models that are simply too detailed, a disease I can't control, although it's a good one, I might add, xD. I simply can't texture myself, despite the basics for it, my Photoshop skills are terrible. That's why I make them as close as possible to every detail. Also, they might also be used for cutscenes, there's no thing as 'no use' for them.

And thirdly, I want to thank the person responsible for the questions that made up this second F.A.Q, Skydragon222, as this F.A.Q would still take a load of months to make a consistent F.A.Q article without him. :)

Now... You know what, I've talked alot now, so let's go with the F.A.Q, shall we?


(Q) Will any of the units from the official EA RA3 expansion, Uprising, be included in this mod?
(A) No. This is a mod intended for RA3 only. EA has been seriously un-balancing the game by putting units who try to make up for the innovation Starcraft II is making. Clear examples are the Cryo Legionnaire and the Pacifier FAV: Suit design is a rip-off from SCII's Terran Marauder and the FAV has a equal mechanic to the Siege Tank. For further info, please consult my opinion on this:

(Q) I notice you have not mentioned a campaign in any of your features or news articles, is there going to be a campaign, and if so how will it work. Will there be a separate one for all 5 factions, and will it be more like the intertwining stories from C&C3 or RA3 where each campaign is different?
(A) This is a tough question to make, as everything must be considered: Storyline, scripting, dialogue and the characters we want. Five factions and one storyline take a lot of work as separate campaigns too. It isn't known if there'll be FMV cutscenes for the missions, as the whole C&C franchise is based on it. Actors and real-world scenarios take a lot of time and money, and our group isn't exactly on acceptable financial terms to support this type of modding standards, nothing's free on today's world. But if there's a campaign, there WILL be High Quality CGI cutscenes, all of them using the models I am making, as well as support from voice actors in Voice Acting Alliance. Finally, the story will be limited to the RA3 universe only, though we might use some reference to Tiberium Dawn.

(Q) Will any of the new units you are adding to the factions be from RA2 or RA1. Will the Chrono- Legionnaire be making a comeback?
(A) This question is already answered in the first F.A.Q. Please see it for further info. As for the Chrono-Legionnaire... Check the Old Factions' New Units article.

(Q) Superweapons are very rarely used in RA3 online as it is. Is there going to be a change to gameplay so that superweapons will be used more? In the current state of the game, these new 15 minute superweapons would do little more than collect dust.
(A) Superweapons is something we're trying to incentive in the current gameplay, people are getting too focused on numbers and overpowered units when the superweapons themselves can turn the tides. It's a matter of building and holding to make the turn you need. Not to mention the fact that the superweapons themselves are too expensive and take too long to build, I can't see a reason why people don't like them to the point of not allowing them in multi-matches, as this is too balanced. A high demand for a high firepower.

(Q) Can the SLIM engineer disguise himself as an enemy to walk up to a building, and the undisguise himself to make a quick capture?
(A) The SLIM Engineer has the same mechanics the Allied Spy works, but this is a secondary ability. Once on primary, that allows him to capture buildings, it'll take a long cooldown to disguise again. Still, War Bear and Attack Dog security are recommended.

(Q) It has been noted you plan to bring the Nuclear Missiles back into the RA universe in this mod, right when other mods transfer the nukes to other factions or claim they're gone forever, along with Einstein. Is this a weird strategy? Will it severly un-balance the game, with the Soviets already being overpowered in the ground?
(A) No, a sign of protest I wanted to make long ago. The Nukes were the reason why many chose the Soviets in RA2, and believe me when I say EA made a very big mistake replacing it with the ridiculous Vacuum Imploder. Secondly, since the Nuclear Missile is a 15-minute cooldown Superweapon, there's little reason to concern about in early-middle game.

Hope you read, weep and comment your opinion. Thank you very much for your attention.


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