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An English video to introduce some units and super weapons. If you like our mod, please leave your comments about your opinions and suggestions.

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Video Link:

Moddb Video Link:

Unit Lists:

Tanya Adams: A hero of Hightech
Burton Jessop: Another hero of Hightech
·Requiring Army Camp, Tech Center and Tech Module.
·You can only train one of them.

Boris Bikov: A hero of Industry
Natasha Volkova: Another hero of Industry
·Requiring Barracks, Command Post, Command Center and CC Upgrade Plug.
·You can only train one of them.

Omnimmune: The EPIC Unit of Industry
·Requiring Heavy Factory, Command Post, Command Center and CC Upgrade Plug.
·EPIC Units cost $7000 and have more powerful weapon then common units'. So EPIC Units are also more dangerous then common units.

Other unit in the video:

Militia: Basic infantry of SIU(Soviet International Union)
Flak Trooper: Basic AA infantry of SIU
Half-track: Basic AA tank of SIU
·When you have a Command Post both Militias and Flak Troopers can get initial exp to upgrade. Equally, SIU Attack Dogs are also affected. And when you have a Command Center Half-tracks can also get initial exp to upgrade. Equally, Rhino Heavy Tanks are also affected.

War Miner: The harvester of SIU
Tesla Trooper: Advanced infantry of Industry
·Requiring Barracks and Command Post
Plasma Mortarer: Advanced siege infantry of Industry
·Requiring Barracks and Command Post
Electric Fanatics: Advanced assaulter of Industry
·Requiring Barracks, Command Post and Command Center
·They use Tesla Blade standing, and use Tesla Pistol deploying.
Command Post: A building to upgrade infantry tech tree
·Requiring either Barracks or Heavy Factory.

Assaulter Medium Tank: Basic tank of Hightech
Infantry Fight Vehicle: Basic AA tank of EUF

Power Plant: Basic power building of EUF
·Requiring Construction Center, Supporting 300 power.
Army Camp: Essential building to product infantry of EUF
Arsenal: Essential building to product unit of EUF
·Requiring Construction Center and Ore Treatment Station
Pillbox: Basic base defense of EUF
·Requiring either Army Camp or Arsenal.
Prism Tower: Advanced base defense of Hightech
·Requiring Construction Center and Tech Center.
Satellite Controller: Remote base defense of EUF
·Requiring Construction Center, Tech Center and Tech Module.
Prism Trooper: Advanced siege infantry of Hightech
·Requiring Army Camp and Tech Center.
Soldier: Basic infantry of EUF
Guardian Soldier: Basic AA infantry of Hightech

Killer: Advanced assault tank of Hightech
·Requiring Arsenal, Tech Center and Tech Module.
·Their shield provides cover and health recovering.

and so on.

Super Weapon Lists:

Time Swiftzone: Super Weapon of Hightech
·Requiring Time Controller
·This SW can affect both units and buildings in medium range. The object that is affected will be no firepower, almost invincible and immobilized.

Inferno Ignitor: Assistance Weapon of Industry
·Requiring Iron Curtain

Weather Cataclysm: Ultimate Weapon of EUF
·Requiring Weather Control Device
·The Weather Cataclysm creates the most destructive Lightning, Hurricane and Rainstorm.

Break Prominence: Ultimate Weapon of SIU
·Requiring Nuclear Missile Silo
·The nuke warhead creates a large nuclear explosion with nuclear radiation and fire blast.

That's all, thanks for supporting us.
Wish you all happy new year.


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