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The only thing better than building a colony and mining ore is having a pet dragon follow you around (roasting enemies) while you do it!

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Update 1.0.9 has been released!

You can now raise your baby dragons and have them follow you around, grow, burn things, and eventually even fly off on them! This update focuses on the familiar system, and you may notice a few other familiars you can have follow you other than the dragons (with various effects).

Dragon Familiar

You can download the update here:

Aground Windows 1.0.9

The full changelog is as follows:

  • You can now have familiars! Use the equipment window to set them, and don't forget to feed them on occasion or they won't be able to attack.

Dragon Familiar

  • New quests involving dragons and them growing bigger.

Raise Dragons

  • You can now fly off to the right (towards the magic islands), but it just goes to credits with an animation for now.

Riding a Dragon

  • Other minor tweaks/improvements/bugfixes.

More islands will probably be available late January, but we have several more updates planned before then. For now, have a cat!

Cat Familiar

I also set up a Newsletter for Aground if you want to subscribe and get future update notifications via e-mail.

I hope you enjoy!

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