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What does it mean? I'll tell you, this is one BIG update you don't wanna miss.

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On the forums we have had a poll called F.A.M.G, it was a poll to decide to reveal Lone Wolf's 15th faction, In fact Erk has already started to work on it, the work is already at 50%, most of the spell book is done, about 50% of all the units have been made, most of them are coded, the
buildings are still in work, the upgrades have been coded too as has the heroes and even the AI
has been done extremly well up to 90%.
The faction is Arnor, Arnor is the shortened name, the full name is "The Lost Kingdom of Arnor".
It is based on the surviving Dunedain and their struggles to rebuild and survive. This is because
of the low population at the end of War of the Ring. Arnor was chosen because the Dunedain
doesn't fit in anywhere else. They were previously with the Shire, but the the Shire was already
a full fledged faction without them. The Shire will gain a few new units to replace the "deleted"
Arnor will be a new unique faction unlike the other factions or any factions of any other mods.
They will not use hordes but solo units, this is because of the low population of the Dunedain at
the end of War of the Ring. These units will be rather strong and equivalent of a horde, you
could almost say it's a faction consisting of mini heroes. Arnor is a stealth-based faction,
they are going to be the ultimate stealth warriors. Most of Arnor's units won't be too expensive
but there will be limits. Same goes for strengt, we don't want a bunch of "beefed mini-gandalfs"
Arnor will not be released with the rest of the mod, when finished it will be part of a sequel.
Here is the tech tree, it's a WIP:

  • Spell List:
  1. Heal - Heals units within a specific range.
  2. Hawk Allies - Summons Hawk allies to fight for you.
  3. Ancient Wood
  4. Rivendell Allies - Summons Rivendell allies to fight for you.
  5. Shroud
  6. Swords of Westerness
  7. Dunedain Allies - Summons Dunedain allies to fight for you.
  8. Repair - Repairs structures within a specific range.
  9. Eagle Allies - Summons Eagle allies to fight for you.
  10. Cloud Break - Strong light that breaks trough the clouds, shining down on your units. It gives bonus to your units and it makes the enemies units frightened.
  11. Rain of Arrows - It's similar to the arrow rain power in bfme2.
  12. Glory of Arnor
  13. Kingsfoil - Heals nearby allies.
  • Unit List:
  1. Dunedain Ranger - Basic dunedain unit. Can switch between sword and bow.
  2. Dunedain Woodsman - Scout unit. Can switch between sword and bow.
  3. Dunedain Tracker - Stealth unit. Can set up traps.
  4. Dunedain Swordsman - Melee ranger
  5. Dunedain Defender - Shield unit, has valiant defence (boost armour)
  6. Dunedain Spearman - Anti cavalry/monster unit.
  7. Dunedain Horseman - Stealthed cavalry. Can switch between sword and bow
  8. Dunedain Herbalist - Herbalists focus on healing their Allies as well and strengthening them.
  9. Dunedain Captain - Provides leadership
  10. Dunedain Marksman - Long range archer with great attack.
  11. Dunedain Light Catapult - Siege unit.
  12. Dunedain Rune Master - Support unit.
  13. Dunedain Sapper - Siege unit.
  14. Dunedain Strategist - Strategist are mainly focused on weakening enemies. (Support unit)
  • Heroes
  1. Malgevil
  2. Halbarad
  3. Amandil
  4. Meneldil
  5. Mallor
  6. Belegorn
  • Structures and what they build
  1. Arnor Storehouse - Generates resources.
  2. Arnor Safehouse - builds Rangers.
  3. Arnor Ancient Barracks - builds Champions.
  4. Arnor Forgotten Hall - builds Captains.
  5. Arnor Ruined Library - builds Runemasters.
  6. Arnor Rustic Outpost - builds Hunters. (built from econs)
  7. Arnor Well - Heals nearby units.
  8. Arnor Statue - Unists get leadership bonus.
  9. Arnor Craft Hall - builds Catapult and upgrades.
  • Upgrades
  1. Basic Training - Units get more damage and becomes stronger.
  2. Leather Armour - Units get more armor and defence.
  3. Westernesse Blades - Strong against Wights etc.
  4. Fire Arrows - Archers get more damage.
  5. Numenor Vigour.
  6. Elixir - Boost Health slightly and Health Recovery.
  7. Tonic of Vigour - Boosts armour and speed.
We have also added blood into the game, so youy better expect some real violence here :)

F.A.M.G - The F.A.M.G topic
Forums - Our forums
Public Beta section - The public beta section were you should post all bugs from the second beta in order for us to be done with the third public beta.
Rads week (erkenbrandthecut) - Check here for regular updates on Arnor and Lonewolf
The website - Our newly designed website, take note that it's a WIP

Remember to play the latest beta and post all bugs you find at the forums.

/until next time- Micom1318 and Erkenbrandthecut


"15th faction" HOLY-SOMTHING-THATS-BAD-TO-SAY, Batman!

That is alot!

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micom1318 Author

We are faster and more effective than most of you guys think :P

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