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Fallout Racing Alpha 1 is live! Let us answer a couple of questions you may have first though!

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Hey everyone! I'm happy to say that the very first version of Fallout Racing is available to the public!

Here are some things you should probably know before playing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the controls?

A: The controls aren't exacly very polished, so they're mostly keys that were convenient for us at
the time. You can press 1 to switch between the Pipboy kart and the Nuka Cola bottle kart in real-time.
F1 will begin the countdown for the match to start if you are the host.

F9 will return you to the main menu.

F10 will restart the map with all clients still connected (Of course if you do this and you have more than 2 people, there is a chance that 2 racers will spawn in the same spot and go flying in opposite directions.
Game breaking hilarity ensues. Sorry!)

Finally, E will fire any items you pick up.

Q: What port do I need forwarded to host a game?

A: Port 27015. I chose Valve's favored port since I figured a lot of people would already have
that one forwarded.

Q: When I click join game it suddenly says "loading"!

A: The game will automatically try the local host IP "" to see if any games are running on
the local area network. As soon as the "loading" text disappears you can type the public IP you would
like to join.

Q: When I hit enter on the IP I want to join, it says "loading" and then it disappears.

A: This means that a valid connection could not be made to the selected IP. Port 27015 must be forwarded.
As far as I know, Hamachi and other such programs do not work with the Unreal engine, but it's worth a shot if you're out of options.

Q: Why do the missiles bounce everywhere?

A: I felt like making them do that. It amuses me.

Q: Is there any in-game chat or naming system? What about bots?

A: Unfortunately no, although I have a pretty good idea of how to implement all 3. The first 2 will
definitely be coming in an update, and possibly the third if there's enough demand for them.
For now, I recommend you use a VOIP like Skype. Player ranks are identified through the number of player
you are once you cross the finish line.

Q: I only get one life?

A: Yes, I actually kind of like it this way. I feel it gives the game an interesting twist. We may add
respawning in an update.

Q: I inevitably found a game-breaking bug!

A: You can email us at or join our forum at and tell us all about it. Thanks for your help!

Q: Can I get a Mac or Linux compilation of the game?

A: At this point I think the game is a bit too rough to bother, but if there's enough interest we can do

Q: Are you going to add more maps and items?

A: If the game's popular enough yes. We're open to suggestions, so feel free to comment on our forums.

Although the game is very rough around the edges, we hope you'll enjoy it!

- Witch-A-Rise! and Witch-A-Shine!

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