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Update on our first release, and a preview of the intro cinematic!

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Since our last update, we've managed to almost completely implement the first 5 quests in both major branches of the Prequel and Chapter 1 of Vault 18. Our new HD Intro Video is up on Youtube for those who would like to see the intro before they play the game. Remember, this is the video that plays for the New Game, so there are some [SPOILERS] for those who want to experience the game by itself the first time they play.

Intro Vers. 0.9.3

For those of you new to the mod, we're releasing Fallout: Project Brazil in Three Installments. The First Installment is in Vault 18, centered around a new player character developing relationships with their companions he night after a big game, where they either broke their leg in the last play, or they took the team to victory. Then, after waking up from a dream, the Vault has been turned on its head by a traitor out of left field, and the player must gather their allies and escape into the wasteland.

This January we will, after 3 years of development, release our First Installment!

As of right now, there are 2,000 voice files in the game recorded in Tucson, Az on our broadcast quality recording gear, thanks to Radian-Helix Media. We have 20 voice actors, all with a background in theatre & television, many of whom act for a living. We only had one actor join us from the internet, and he is our NCR Radio Host Roger Moore, Ben Britton.

Cast List:

  • Johnny Matheson - [Companion] - Dan Ziffer
  • Coach/Colonel Bragg - [NPC]- Roger Owen
  • Dr. Kevin Rossman - [NPC] - Duke Standberry
  • Sargent Chevy - [NPC] - Cynthia Jeffery
  • Jenifer Hale - [Follower] - Sarah Mitchell
  • Ben Kurtz -[Companion] - Brandan Lee
  • Jamie Campbell - [Follower] - ...
  • Eric Campbell - [Follower] - R.D. Mower
  • Kira Mann - [Companion] - Caitlin Singer
  • Overseer Albert Christianson - [NPC] - Scott Harders
  • Earnest Schwartz - [NPC] - Dan Ziffer
  • Terra May [NPC] - Raven Griffen
  • Jason Christianson [NPC] - Steven Cates
  • Shawn Star [NPC] - Brandan Lee
  • Mandy Star [NPC] - Cheauharn Mon
  • Sarah Carter [NPC] - Raven Griffen
  • John Diesel Anderson [NPC] - Ian Scott Whittaker
  • Joe Marshall [NPC] - Scott Harders
  • Yetti Hale [NPC] - Ian Scott Whittaker
  • Misc. Vault Voices (male) - [NPC] - AJ Kosky
  • Misc. Vault Voices (female) - [NPC] - Raven Griffin
  • Sgt. Norman - [NPC] - Ian Scott Whittaker
  • Chief Evanson - [NPC] - Scott Harders
  • Ancient Eddie Bolero - [NPC] - Eddie Bolero
  • The Alpha Droid - [Companion] - Brandan Lee
  • Enclave Male Soldiers - [NPC] - Danny Do
  • The Male V-Sec - [NPC] - Taran Jeffery
  • NCR Radio Host Roger Moore - [NPC] - Ben Britton

Team List:

  • Rick Hakkunen - RickerHK - Lead Programmer
  • Kaz Foxen - Quest Scripting
  • Matthew Seddon - Quest Scripting
  • Stunning Steven Bowie - Dialogue Writing
  • Roslin Thelso - Writing Excerpts
  • Andrew Endowy - Writing Excerpts
  • Scott "Reaver" Harders - Writing Excerpts
  • Iouri Synogatch - Writing Excerpts
  • Kellen Touey - Writing Excerpts
  • Erich Von Hildberghausen - Original Soundtrack Composer
  • Christana Udracon - Original Soundtrack Composer
  • Tyler "Speedy B" Bourne - Interior Models
  • Ben "Tricky" Britton - Interior & Exterior & LOD Models
  • Meo 3000 - Vault-Tec Resources
  • Cambragol - Vault 88 Resources
  • Andersh - Football Armour Resources
  • Dragbody - Armour Resources
  • Toadlet - Vault Jumpsuit Resource
  • Neverclock - Harnesses and belts Resources
  • Quetzelscanatango - Creature models, Character Models, & Armour
  • Ren - Hair Pack Resource
  • Idkrrr - Hair Pack Resource
  • Kozaburo - Hair Pack Resource
  • Yoshikinakota - Hair Pack Resource
  • Fast Freddie - General Bug Fixing
  • Tommy Purdee - GECK Startup Error Fixer
  • Chuck Steel - LOD Resource Essentials Pack
  • Elijah M Houck - Helping solve endless L.O.D. Issues
  • Robert Helms - Fixing GECK Issues a being a great mate
  • Captain Mitch - Fixing Geck Lip Sync
  • - Interface Revolution Mod
  • Raphael Dejesus - Textures, Sound Effects, Navmeshing
  • Wyll - Project Brazil Hi-res Textures

Special Thanks:

  • Barbera Pittman - Giving Me My House and Keeping Me Alive - Love you Mom for all you do.
  • Pearry Teo - For D&D, being a great drinking buddy, and opportunities I barely deserve
  • Marji & James Kosky - Helping with just about everything with tireless loyalty and friendship
  • Eric Simpson - For helping us even when shit seemed hopeless. Thanks man.
  • Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona - for doing a thankless service to AZ Film
  • The Duke and Cat Show
  • The Nexus Forums
  • Ed Chiarini - You know what you did, asshole.
  • OUR FANS ON FACEBOOK - you guys rock!

As always, you can keep up with us on Facebook:

and our Fallout New Vegas Nexus Site:


Brandan Lee
Project Leader


bout goddamn time ey , ;) been waiting for this like forever

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My reaction:

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Thaiauxn AuthorSubscriber

I just don't feel like we get enough Rainbow vomit around here. :p

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Loooks amazing its not just a mod its a whole new game!

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Thaiauxn AuthorSubscriber

Prettymuch. A very short New Game, but still.

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Dang...I wish it was Jenifer Hale (aka Female Commander Shepard/FemShep) voicing a Follower named Sarah Mitchell, not the other way around. At least they're still professional voice actors, and, based on the cinematic trailer, GOOD ones at that!

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