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To anyone who would like to offer their services, or try their hand at this mod, that being: -Concept Artists -Asset Creators -Level Designers -Writers (On CK and on planning.)

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Fallout: Billings is an upcoming Fallout mod, beginning an all-new story around the former cash capital city of Billings, among the ruins of the Billings/Wasteheart (Modification of Heartland) Wasteland, with hours of exploration and combat among a new worldspace, new and returning factions, brand new weapons and creatures, and much, much more. From the ruins of the new threats of the isolated area known as Concretia, to the Bull and Bear facing off once again, it's up to you, a survivor of a deadly crash, to decide the fate of this wretched Montana region. Among the faces from long-past Fallout games, some not seen since the days of the Richardson Enclave, you will meet the elusive ASP, an organization formed of traitors for their own cause of a Marxist book, to the fates of such factions as the Khans, the Followers, and the Dead Horses. In Montana, there's lots to do, grab a loan from the Obligator's bank, mingle with the numerous tribal factions scattered around the remnants of an Indian Reservation, or maybe just sit back, relax, and take in the night air, as you explore the mountains and steppes of Montana, who knows what waits around the next hilltop? Stay awhile' and kick back, Northerer-style...'

And Project Lead Nohadra#1359 at discord

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