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While there are many, many changes in V4, I thought I'd tell you guys two tweaks I've made. One of them was requested and the other was my idea. Read on for more info.

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First, the AK-47 now is nerfed a bit, it does a fair bit less damage.

Second, the Bolt-Action Rifle now does almost double its old damage value, making it a useful weapon once again.

The mod itself is progressing slowly, but it should be only a month at the most. I have so many features I want to add, plus later there may be a total hardcore mode, no HUD or warping time to pause or speed up when you wish, also many unrealistic features will be removed, such as VATS and such a large carry weight. It will be seperate from the main mod, so RPG fans can still have their fun.

Also, I have now found out how to mod the Op Anchorage and Pitt files. There will be two more add-ons for V4 when it is released.

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