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Thats right, Version 5 and the Point Lookout DLC mods are complete. As well as various important tweaks and bug-fixes (many of them are quite substantial) there has been a massive overhaul to the general look and feel of Fallout 3. Read below for a list of completed features.

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-A greener world with living trees and no lingering fallout (except in certain quest areas)

-New destruction effects such as being able to shoot a box of ammo with explosive results. Not exactly realistic, but it is very fun and allows for creative traps (mini-nuke + frag mine = awesome)

-Much more realistic vehicle destruction system (no more nuclear cars that can be set off with a few shots)

-Support for the Point Lookout DLC.

-A tweaked movement system (you move faster)

-Bullet Casings stay for much longer.

-New bullet casing models thanks to "odin_ml" and his Shells and Slugs modder resource.

-The ability to bludgeon people over with blunt weapons.-The dull green-brown sky replaced with a more blue-white colored one.

-New and more realistic ammo types: .22 and .50 caliber ammunition added.

-Vendors can now sell the new ammo types.

-Various inconsistencies fixed (Nuka-Cola Plant changed to Coca-Cola Plant, etc).

-New menu backgrounds (more interesting, in my opinion).

-Level cap raised to 40 (may be removed if it causes anyone trouble).

-Support for "The Pitt" ammo press (proper ammo names).

-A new gibbing system (high-powered weapons can tear foes apart or knock em down if they survive).

-New weapons such as a 40mm grenade launcher.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download it now!

P.S. Happy Canada Day to any Candians here.

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