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In this news article, I will discuss version 6 and the future of Fallout 3 Reborn. Also, I will address the many, MANY complaints version 5 raised.

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Well, I decided it is time to discuss my plans for Fallout 3 Reborn. Frankly, it is my most updated and popular mod. I have spent probably a good 30 hours modding Fallout 3 and probably 60 or so playing it. I am in no way a Fallout fan, but I am definitly a Fallout 3 fan.

I dunno how many of you mod, probably very few, despite the website's name. However, I would like to point out that this is 100% my mod. I respect my followers opinions, but in the end its up to me what goes into the mod. If you don't like it, I really don't care that much, unless it's a glitch with my mod, in which case, sorry! Here's the easy solution if you don't like it: leave my mod page NOW and don't post a comment whining about stuff that was obviously intentional.

I'm tired of some of the comments coming in and I frankly feel like its not worth the trouble to post my private work up for the public. Just yesterday, someone who hadn't even tried the mod posted saying how terrible my mod is and how Fallout is sacred ground that can not be changed. Nobody seems to like it and writing up detailed help for the people who are not computer nerds like me is getting to be a hassle. I never intended to release my mods publicly, but a friend encouraged me to. Perhaps I was a fool for following his advice.

So, you may be wondering what exactly this all means. My plan is to release Version 6 in a month or so. The wasteland will be somewhat modified, and yes, all the changes made in Version 5 will be kept. I tried to call a vote on this, but there were only three votes, so that idea flopped. After that a new version is extremely unlikely. In fact I might even stop releasing my mods to the public. I don't feel its worth the trouble to do so. I'm sorry if this mod had any followers who might be dissapointed by the turn of events, but I can hope you'll enjoy Version 6 :)

Version 6 will be one big mod and therefore it will take far more time to finish than previous versions. After I stop work on Fallout 3 Reborn, I'm moving on to a bigger project using Fallout 3 that will require a skilled modeler, texture artist and someone with some knowledge of how to modify the base Fallout 3 code. It will envolve whole new maps, a new storyline and plenty of new features. Thats all I want to say right now.

Anyhow, I'm sure you guys have had enough of my blabbing, I'm outta here, see ya,


P.S. I will need 10 beta testers for Version 6, I want the final Reborn release to be bug free and it is far too great a job for one person. You must be willing to download a sizable file (could be well over 100MB) and be able to put at least 3 hours of playtime into the mod. All I want is for you to email me about any bugs or problems that arise when using my mod. I want everything to be tested, from compatibility with other mods to weaponary. I will start taking names now and add them to the list below, you will be contacted when a beta is ready.



NOOOOO!!! I loved your mods. If you dont release any more for fallout 3 you must make some for fallout new vegas when it comes out.

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Slayer_2 Author

Don't worry, this is simply the end of Fallout 3 Reborn and the start of something much bigger. Also, Version 6 is going to be HUGE. It's too big for me to test it alone, so I'm calling in help on that.

And if Fallout New Vegas is 3D and similar to Fallout 3 in gameplay, I'm obviously going to be modding like there's no tomorrow! That is assuming they release an SDK (fingers crossed).

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I can beta test. I play reborn all the time. e-mail me tymathee@yahoo what you need me to do.

and btw, screw what others say. I Love fo3 and i love mods. Reborn is your vision, those idiots dont have to play your mod, just delete their comments or e-mails and move on.

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