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New skill and respawn system! You need to check it out!

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New Darkness Skill : Shadow Rush!

A new darkness skill added to the game.Shadow rush is a teleport and combat finisher ability. If you press "Z" while targeting someone, you instantly pierce through his body and teleport to his location. Its very useful if you want to exit or finish the combat.However shadow rush has a cooldown.Its about 10 seconds.

New Respawn System!

When you died;

  • You lost some of your souls (Random between 1 to 5)
  • The enemy who killed you is getting stronger.His health and damage is increasing.But he is always vulnerable to your skills (if your killer is a watcher)
  • If you unlocked a skill, you have got chance to lose it. When you died, your every spell has P chance of lose.But you can only lose 1 ability ,not more.

If you press enter, your soul moving to last checkpoint.Checkpoints are invisible when alive.But if you walk through in checkpoint, your position is saved.

Other changes and updates!

  • New sword animations! You have got two hands now! (you are no longer a pirate :P)
  • When you are in stealth, you can instantly kill an enemy (if enemy didnt saw you)
  • Hunger and Fatique system are removed from the game! Because its an action game.You dont have time to get sleep or eat a burger
  • New drawing sword animations!
  • Now FPS is showing on left upper corner!
  • Bug which in swing sword is fixed
  • Enemy movement stuck is fixed

Video Explanation!

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