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New Blood Effects! Background music while fightning ! Dialog system and paper reading system!

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Hello im wolderado.I worked new effects usually for this update.Lets take a look:

New Effects!

  • New blood splash effects on enemy!
  • New blood splash effects on player!
  • Throwing axe blood effect!
  • Soul Number HUD !
  • Player taking damage sound effect!
  • Sword swinging sound!
  • Player screams when hurt by something(Like a boss!)
  • Three different background musing is starting to play when an enemy finds you!
  • Counter attack sound effect added to the game!
  • Stealth system HUD is slightly changed

New Dialog And Paper System!

You can speak with someone to help your mission.You can gain information too.Also you can gain mission information, a person's information or historical information from papers arround level.(Showed in video) I maked lots of features in this update but its hard to write in here :D

Video Explanation!

Im trying to make game system enough good for demo.When i done making systems, will directly start to make a demo for you! Thanks for reading please comment :)

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