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There are new effects and a spell system which you can control the elements of darkness! Very cool changes on this update!

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Hello im wolderado.There is a new update on Fallen Pit.Let me explain it:

New Effects!

  • New blood effect added to the game.When you damage by something a bloody red screen revealed for a short time
  • When you hit by a sword your camera performs a animation which it makes games more realistic.
  • If you hit by an arrow your camera performs a animation too.
  • When you hurt by somethink game screen becomes darker
  • Also if your health is lower than 30, a grayscale effects start
  • While you are sprinting game applies blur and fade effect to your game screen
  • More realistic stealth!

Player KnockBack System!

  • A knockback system added to game.For now knockback only triggered if player hurt
  • If a guardian hits you with sword you pushed away from guardian a little bit and you can walk and swing your sword in this time
  • If a archer hits you with bow you pushed away from archer great amounts and you cant use your sword for 1 second

Spell System and Counter Attack!

Most exciting feature in this update is spell system.Your first spell in the game is steal soul.You can use this spell only if you can counter attack (Showed in video).A counter attack instantly kill the victim and gain his soul.You can use this soul to buy Guardian Spells or Darkness Spells.Guardian spells is like such throw axe , trip mine...Darkness spells is like extra damage , monster spawn... Your character total 8 skills.Every spell has different requiries.Spell system is completely ready yet but first of spells is counter attack.Everything is in video!

Video Explanation!

Thanks for reading please comment :)

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