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The most important parts of the cake are finished - now to make some yummy in-between parts.

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As of posting this, the all-important main story content has been finished. The next step on the agenda is to work on everything else that you'll be able to do - side quests, collectibles, secrets!As far as side quests go, I'm doing my best to make sure that there is variety and challenge between them.
Now, for a concise list on how things look:

  • Main Story: 100%
  • Visuals: 100%
  • Audio: 100%
  • Side Quests: 22%
  • Secrets & Extras: 10%

With the visuals and audio also finished, things are becoming quite focused now.I'm liking this level of progress. Let's keep it up, and we'll definitely see you in the near future!

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