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Once in shambles and hardly prospering, the merging of the timelines caused the Soviets to regain their former glory. The Union has one thing on their mind, global domination with the force of Communism.

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Leader- Premier Alexander Romanov
Satellite Nations- Cuba, Libya, North Korea

Base Structures
Construction Yard- WoTP era MCV's have been chosen by the Union due to their unique amphibious capabilities and far more compact Construction Yard size than World War III models.

Tesla Reactor- Due to instabilities found in the newer Reactors, the Tesla Reactor was in service once more due to its efficiency and less destructive yield.

Tiberium Refinery- Due to the original Ore deposits becoming filled with Tiberium crystals, Soviet scientists outfitted old World War III refineries and Miners with proper Tiberium harvesting technology.

Barracks- Soviet pride was one thing soldiers always had to remember, so they built statues on all field barracks to make sure soldiers never forgot who they were fighting for.

Radar Station- Although modern MCV's had built in local radar systems, the need for efficient radar was still needed when MCV's packed up from a base and departed from an area.

War Factory- The Soviet's famous heavy armored vehicles are built here. Combat vehicles are assembled on the spot and sent out to crush any resistance within minutes of being complete.

Naval Shipyard- Soviets take pride in constructing one of the most powerful navies in the world, rivaling the Allies.

Airfield- Originally, aircraft was constructed from the War Factory, now Soviets have a proper facility that can produce light craft like the Yak-5 to the immensely powerful Kirov Airship.

Battle Lab- The basis for all high tech Soviet creations.

Nuclear Reactor- With the return of Einstein to time, so has proper nuclear power. Soviets have regained access to highly powerful energy production, despite its risks.

Industrial Plant- Instead of just Construction Yards churning out supplies for the increasingly needy Red Army, high speed material production facilities have been implemented to cut the production time of anything in half.

Crane- No Construction Yard? No problem.

Defense Structures
Sentry Gun- Originally, slacking, vodka swelling Conscripts manned these heavy machine guns. Although the need for power is apparent, old, automated World War III era Sentry Guns have returned to service.

Tiberium Silo- Tiberium is volatile, and refineries alone cant store the stuff.

Fortress Wall- Keeps those nasty Allied Spies out of your base, with lots of barbed wire and spikes.

Flak Cannon- The original aircraft killer. Sends shells packed with shrapnel and lots of gunpowder in to skies, and at Orcas and Harriers dumb enough to fly your way.

Tesla Coil- It is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering — only expensive..." As Tesla once said. Only difference here is it kills, not power homes.

Battle Bunker- A well fortified emplacement for your Conscripts, it it wasn't so cramped inside.

Outpost- Deployed by the Sputnik, opens up new doors for bases.

Iron Curtain Device- A strange device that deploys an impenetrable force field around vehicles, enabling them to wreak havoc unchecked. Infantry however, get fried by the energy.

Nuclear Missile Silo- An old testament from World War III, this towering monolith houses a nuclear missile inside, ready to be unleashed on some unsuspecting base.

Conscript- Although cheap, these poorly trained men are not very courageous when it comes to modern combat. Armed with PPsH Sub-machine Guns and Molotov Cocktails, they will fight for Mother Russia cry to mommy.

Flak Trooper- Straight from the Gulag, these men have been through the roughest of times and are rewarded freedom by shooting aircraft down with a flak cannon. Sorry ace, the Union isn't going to lighten your gun either.

Combat Engineer- When it comes to defense, engineers are absolutely terrible. Solution? The Union has supplied all engineers with MP443 Grach pistols.

Tesla Trooper- Soviets have long been developing the design for a soldier to replace the Flamethrower Infantry units. Best part abut these guys, they can supercharge Tesla Coils, and other tall, metallic structures.

Crazy Ivan- Asylums usually want to clear out untreatable patients, strapping a dynamite vest on them is another story entirely.

Desolator- Heavy trooper armed with a specialized RAD Gun that can melt vehicles and infantry with ease. Radiation lingers so be aware.

Attack Dog- Siberian Huskies are in use as a anti infantry unit, perfect against Spies.

Boris- Even Stalin fear's the ferocity of the Union's special commando. Armed with a VSS Vintorez Sniper Rfile, he can mow down infantry at great distances. And call in a MiG strike at a targeted location.

Volkov & Chitzkoi- A destructive experiment dating back to World War II. Scientists took a grizzled Soviet soldier and mans best friend and turned them into cybernetic killing machines. Volkov is armed with dual plasma cannons that can decimate anything in his path, his companion, Chitzkoi is about the same a standard attack dog despite that he can jump much further when attacking enemy soldiers. Both have lightweight reactive armor plates surgically implanted.

Ground Vehicles
War Miner- Like all other miners, this one was modified to accept Tiberium. Armed with a light machine gun to keep out those Hijackers.

Rhino Heavy Tank- A more cost effective answer to the old Heavy Tank. The Rhino's single cannon is equally powerful to its predecessor but calls for a heavier round, increasing reload times. Despite this, it can outgun an Allied Grizzly easily.

Terror Drone- These little spider like drones rapidly travel the map in search of unsuspecting vehicles. They burrow into the vehicle and begin disassembling it from the inside out. Only way it can be removed is by a service depot or a repair vehicle.

Sickle- The Terror Drone's bigger brother. This light walker is designed to mow down infantry with it's heavy machine gun. It armor is weak so its very light and skilled Sickle pilots have managed to get their vehicles to jump up cliffs.

Flak Track- An infantry transport armed with a Flak Cannon. They are quick but in no means faster than IFV's or Nod Attack Bikes.

Apocalypse Tank- Due to GDI confiscating all evidence of the original Mammoth Tank after World War II, the Apocalypse was built to counter this. Armed with twin heavy cannons, anti air missiles, and the weight to crush light vehicles under its treads, its a force to be reckoned with.

MAD Tank- Redesigned after World War II, the Mutually Assured Destruction Tank after being deployed charges up a high pressure chamber within the tank. Upon detonation, a siren will sound and a seismic shockwave will tear anything apart within the blast radius. Infantry for unknown reasons are only stunned by the blast.

MCV- Standard issue WoTP Mobile Construction Vehicle. Supplies all the Union's needs.

V3 Launcher- Despite its weak armor, the missiles fired from this truck can devastate targets at great ranges.

Tesla Tank- A compact implementation of Tesla Coil technology inside a tank body. Is able to stun vehicles and vaporize infantry easily. Can also be used to charge Coils.

Sputnik- Base expansion, not much else to say is there?

Naval Units
Sea Scorpion- Soviet ships were highly vulnerable to aircraft fire. The Sea Scorpion boasts a light flak cannon that enables it to take down aircraft and enemy ships alike.

Akula Sub- Designed to replace the aging Typhoon, the Akula boasts slightly heavier armor than its predecessor but still follow the same role.

Giant Squid- Utilizing technology from Yuri before his breakaway from the Union, Squids are used to harass enemy vessels with great efficiency. Just look out for those Dolphins.

Amphibious Transport- Standard issue landing craft.

Dreadnought- This ships are the flagship of the Soviet navy. Armed with missiles, these ships are effective against other vessels and especially, land forces.

Siege Chopper- Soviets had several upgrades done to aging Hind helicopters, the Siege Chopper being one of the most complex. Armed with a standard minigun in flight but can then deploy into a artillery unit. It has weaker armor than traditional artillery but its mobility makes up for it.

Kirov Airship- These majestic zeppelins are equipped with high explosive bombs that can make short work of any base. They are vulnerable to anti air fire but can be upgraded with under mounted miniguns or use their afterburners to get them out of a jam with the sacrifice of damage.

Sukhoi- PAK FA fighters commissioned into the Union's air force after MiG's proved ineffective against GDI Firehawks. Armed with missiles.

Twinblade- Soviets needed heavier armor for their old Hind choppers. The Twinblade is essentially a Hind with heavier armor and two engines to make up for the increased weight. It can transport infantry and use rocket pods and machine guns to shred ground targets.

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