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This article covers main factions of mod Paradigm Worlds. You can learn culture and military background. This would provide better immersion into the mod.

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RACES (all playable):

  • male

  • female

  • skeleton

  • orc

  • uruk

  • morlok

  • elf

  • djinii

  • alien

FACTIONS and their races and cultures. Military characteristic.

  • Here you can find information about paradigms of a modern Calradia.

  1. People's Democratic Republic of Morlok. There is special race called Morlok, some of the highest officials are human. Morloks are very ugly: dark-skinned, bald with abnormal big heads they are often considered also stupid. One couldn't be more wrong. Morloks are most intelligent race of all. However their politcal paradigm is best to be described: just imagine mix of victorian steampunk mixed with soviet Russia under govern of comrade Stalin. Lower classes are mostly Morloks, they are ruled by less mutated humans. Mutation is caused by phisical contact with most important to this culture mineral – the Pyre. Most of society are workers, made to work in pyre mines, which explains high rate of mutations. To keep peace Morlok society is highly infiltrated by security service, culture and internal affairs commisairs.

    Military units: Morloks – mostly firearm. No cavalry. Very weak vs. Cavalry, but they are deadly at range. They are also great defenders of all castles. Weak armors too. Glass cannons. Elite units use best ranged firearm – AK47 possible to "not-hero" units.

  2. Weimear Reich. Traditional medieval-like human. Their paradigm is, I'd call it pop-medieval culture (because of its historic inaccuracy) slightly mixed with German 3rd Reich IIWW terminology related to XX century. Eg. One of the most powerful heavy cavalry unit is called Royal Tiger, soldiers' ranks use Wermaht names.

    Military units: Very heavy cavalry. Best armored horses with great charge capability. Rather medium range units, archers. Weak infantry (like storm troopers in Star Wars), but armed with decent range weapon: throwing javelins. Forces great to wage battle in open terrain, not so great at castle sieges.

  3. Alien Shogunate. Mostly Aliens. Their culture paradigm is pop-shogunate japan mixed with Star Wars. However alien voices... they remind rather Predator theme. Aliens use katanas, their units names are taken from "official" names of japan warriors or resamble weapon they use. Their best units, divided to Thregoshi Order and Yethu Order resemble somehow Sith/Jedi orders. There are some differences also, eg, they use lightsabers (sic!), but also ride giant cosmic spiders (sic! :) )

    Alien Shogunate nation divides into two categories. First one, deeply traditional call themself "Shimizq" which means "they, who have tails". It is a well-knowns legend, that first of their kind were just human-like lizards. It is not sure what happened, but shimizq historian suggest that somewhere about 1200 years ago lizards where visited by creatures from outer space. Probably they were assimilated, but we know little from that time, because first written texts aren't older than 350 years. For what we know for sure, this wasn't classic assimialtion. Aliens took honour code from Shimizq tradition and that is what made Alien Shogunate nation as it is for now.

    Military units: most uneven faction. It has great attack capabilities because of their weapon: lightsabers. On the other hand the very same units have weak armors and are easy to kill. Regular troops resemble japan shogunate samurai, armed with katanas, kami, nodachi and so on. Experienced troops have rather decent armors. Ranged units: regular firearms, rather basic, and quite good upgradable archers, up to horse archers with good mobile capabilities. Probably hardest faction to play (ie. use their units). Their elite units are all aliens – biggest units in the game. This can have advantages – they are strong and can be good fighters, but they are also easiest to hit targets.

  4. Fantasy Magioucracy is classic Tolkien paradigm, so it consists of elves, orcs and uruks (all 3 races are playable). Culture: imagine Tolkien world, where Sauron wins. Tides of fate change quickly. Charge of power has not been given to a single race, but caste. Fantasy Magioucracy is an eden for mages as they rule here. Most powerful are known as: Dark Lords which are mostly djiniis corrupted by evil, and Vayyals, most powerful elven mages. So their king is somebody similar to Sauron, their elite forces are dependant on magic units.

    Military units: Maybe easiest, but most chaotic. Extremly diversified. Regular troops consists of elven archers and orcish soldiers. Elite troops of first kind: Uruks. Orcs and Uruks are footman but also quite powerful rangers, they use wargs a horses. No light infantry, it means their armor is not great but rather heavy or very heavy. Second kind of elite troops are mages: white mages – elves, and dark mages - corrupted djiniis. They are very hard to upgrade. On the other hand they have unique ranged weapons: magic staves. Staves are maybe not so quick in firing, but magic missiles do great damage and are very accurate. Staves are also great hand-to-hand fight weapons. They do a great damage and are quie quick. Magic units, vayyals and high vayyals – they should resemble Mayars from Tolkien – use Pegaz horses, light armored, but quickiest in the whole world.

  5. United States of Renaissance. Race – humans. Culture is a pop-renaissance mix of different part of history of post-medieval Europe. Time history calendar is widely open. You will find here units like pikeman, conquistadores, musketeers and even legendary Polish heaviest, deadliest Hussaria cavalry.

    Military units: Rather easy faction to play. It has interesting infantry: pikemen. They have rather weak armors, but of course best polearms in the game. Ranged units are based only on firearms: muskets, flintlocks, arquebuses. They provide rather low damage and medium accuracy – even for a firearms, which are not so accurate at all. They can prvide decent support, but even best units cannot surprass Morloks snipers. Hard to say, can they beat elven archers? Bows are far more accurate and sometime can provide even better range than most firearms. But USOR (United States of Renaissance) has one absolutely great remedy for all military problems – patternd on polish hussars – Elite Hussars. Their lance has similar lenght to this used by pikeman! They also use heavy armored hussar chargers as horses and as a ranged weapon they use not so very bad flintlock pistols.

  6. Sanitarium Conspiracy. Races: humans and djiniis. Paradigm of this world is hard to define. You can imagine our XXI centure conspiracy paranoia with a small addition of 1001 nights, Sindbad Sailor theme with the pinch of medieval inquisition flavour. Existing of this culture depends on mineral called "pyre" which is needed to create paralizing palantirs (sic!) which is unique ranged (thrown) weapon for this faction. Lower classes soldiers are conspirators, agents, provocateurs. Higher class is represented by djinii mages, called Inquisitors. Like for Morloks – the Pyre – is also very important mineral for this faction. Physical contact mutates people in different way than Morloks. Sanitarium citizens become schizofrenic and maniac.

    Military units:Regular unit have great resemblance to original Sarranid faction. Biggest changes are in elite section of troops. They are rather medium quality attackers and not so great defenders, but they are absolutely greatest manhunters providing crazy amounts of prisoners. This is possible due to special thrown weapon – palantirs. They are rather not accurate, with medium blunt damage weapon. It has a few different kinds with better abilities: no friction or no gravity depedence. With good throwing ability ie. power throw skill and good proficiency they can become good low-range weapon. Due to low accuracy, they are not great at big distances. Elite Sanitarium units use absolutely devastating throwing weapons – cut down demon and devil heads with damage over 200 points. However low accuracy and low quantity brings needed balance. Units – even some regulars – use great, very powerful energy shield, that can withstand many shots or punches. As in this mod there aren't any imprisoment restrictions (beside Techno Mages, which cannot be imprisoned, but they are most powerful units in the game) Sanitarium Conspiracy van become most diversified faction to play.


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I only have the standard factions...
What can I do to get the other factions?
I extracted the mod in the modules folder of warband, but I donĀ“t get the new citys and factions why?

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