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Although victorious in it's many heated conflicts with the Soviets, the Allies lost many valued technologies due to the Soviets tampering with the timeline. After the Chronorift merged the timelines together, the Allies are back on track, ready to restore peace to the world.

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Leader- President Michael Dougan
Satellite Nations- South Korea, Germany, Britain, France, USA

Base Structures
Construction Yard- WoTP era MCV's have been chosen by the Allies due to their unique amphibious capabilities and far more compact Construction Yard size than World War III models.

Power Plant- This fusion driven plant was designed with efficiency in mind. Puts slightly out more power than a Tesla Reactor.

Tiberium Refinery- Due to the original Ore deposits becoming filled with Tiberium crystals, Allied scientists outfitted old World War III refineries and Miners with proper Tiberium harvesting technology.

Barracks- Where the proud soldiers of the Allied nations are trained. Still serves mush in the mess hall.

Air Force Command HQ- This radar station not only gives the Allies the tactical edge, but enables production of light allied aircraft such as the Harrier. Can be upgraded to gain more space.

War Factory- Utilizing technologies from nations across the globe, the Allies can produce some of the most versatile and advanced vehicles on the battlefield.

Naval Shipyard- The Allies construct their cutting edge vessels at this location.

Battle Lab- This towering structure is the basis for all the Allies advanced technologies for combat.

Robot Control Center- Uses an array of dishes to control drones across the battlefield.

Hydro Electric Plant- A safer counter to the Nuclear Reactor, this tidal generator produces massive amounts of power. Just add water.

Tiberium Processor- Purifies Tiberium into its more volatile, liquid form, but increases it value.

Crane- No Construction Yard? No problem.

Defense Structures
Pillbox- An old, but still effective anti infantry defense. Low lying allows for stronger armor and can be upgraded with camo.

Tiberium Silo- Tiberium is volatile, and refineries alone cant store the stuff.

Concrete Wall- Standard issue barrier. Opposition is met with solidified failure.

Patriot Missile- AA missile defense that unloads a barrage of missiles at enemy aircraft.

Prism Tower- Originally wiped from the timeline, this structure charges up light and amplifies it into a scorching beam hot enough to fry vehicles.

SpySat Dish- Not your average radar, this unveils the entire battlefield for your convenience.

Outpost- Deployed by Prospector, opens up doors for base expansion.

Chronosphere- The device that caused this whole mess of a conflict(An older model at that) This device can teleport vehicles, but still kills infantry that are unsuited.

Weather Control Device- Once erased from time, this machine was in service once more to replace the Proton Collider as it's a far more destructive weapon in proven tests. Summons an artificial lightning storm to an area and lets nature do the dirty work.

G.I.- General Issue soldiers are armed with an M93R Burst Pistol for combat on foot and an M60E4 Machine Gun when dug in.

Guardian- Armed with an M93R on foot and a FGM-148 Javelin when deployed. Effective against vehicles and aircraft.

Engineer- Nerdy but tech savvy, these guys will repair and capture buildings for you.

Rocketeer- Brave men with jetpacks fly high above the battlefield with a light carbine picking off infantry. Vulnerable to anti air fire.

Attack Dog- German Shepards are in use as a anti infantry unit.

SEAL- Highly trained soldiers that specialize in tactical assaults, a team of SEALs can take down several Conscripts in a hearbeat. Armed with M4A1 SOPMODs and C4 charges,

Chrono Legionnaire- Its not magic, these guys are trained in the art of making anything disappear forever and ever. Can be upgraded to Cryo Technology.

Spy- Can disguise himself as any enemy infantry unit and tamper with anything in their base. Watch out for dogs.

Tanya- Never underestimate a woman on the battlefield. Armed with dual G18 pistols and a bundle of C4, she can make a mess out of anyone's day.

Ground Vehicles
Chrono Miner- Like all other miners, this one was modified to accept Tiberium. Has a compacted Chrono device to teleport back to the refinery after a full load.

Grizzly Battle Tank- A fast medium tank designed to rival the Rhino. This has less firepower but makes up for it with sheer mobility.

Infantry Fighting Vehicle- The fastest vehicle in the Allied arsenal, the six wheeled IFV uses an array of Multigunner components, changing the turret depending on who's inside.

Robot Tank- Utilizes prototype hover tech, these tanks are cheap and effective in numbers. If the robot control is destroyed, then the tanks are useless.

Mirage Tank- Disguises itself as anything depending on what terrain its on. Armed with a high powered incendiary cannon, it takes most infantry out in one shot and deals heavy damage to vehicles. Nobody here but us trees!

Chrono Tank- This odd looking tank is a relic from World War II. Within its can shaped body is a Chrono device allowing it to teleport and bombard its targets with missiles.

Prism Tank- A high powered assault tank equipped with a Prism Beam. It can deal heavy damage to vehicles and buildings alike.

Pacifier FAV- Hover artillery armed with a rapid fire cannon and miniguns. Ouch.

Futuretank X-1- A drone unit that uses weaponry almost alien to the Allies. But hell, it kills everything effectively.

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