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Who will be your heir? Check out the latest feature for the Italian Wars - Ultimate, Faction Specific Heir Title!

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Faction Specific Heir Title

Granting your heir a specific title to designate him as your successor, was quite a common practise, which we will now take into account for Italian Wars - Ultimate. Learn more about the feature below by the example of the Kingdom of France.

Showing the Dauphin of France

As you can see, the current heir of the Kingdom of France is granted the title 'Dauphin de France', which was a depiction of the animal on their coat of arms.

Showing the current King of France

As soon as the King of France has died/been killed and the heir becomes now the new King, he losses the title 'Dauphin de France'.

Showing that the new heir has now the title Dauphin of France

And the title is passed to the new heir.

This feature will be applied only to certain factions. These are:

User Posted Image- Holy Roman Empire: King of the Romans

User Posted Image- Kingdom of Hungary: Joint King of Hungary

User Posted Image- Kingdom of Naples: Prince of Salerno

User Posted Image- Ottoman Empire: Vali Ahad

Expect our next preview on Friday next week. ;)

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I'm not sure what this 'Joint King of Hungary' is inteded to be (sth like King of all Magyars?) - if I get it right, this is the title of the heir? If so, I'm pretty confused - why would be the Heir called 'king of all...'? In my opinion, Crown Prince (= Koronaherceg) or Voivod of Transylvania (= Erdélyi Vajda) would be more accurate title of the heir of the Kingdom of Hungary. Looking at the time period, Gubernator, Steward, Ban of Croatia, Főispán (= Lord Lieutenant) would be also a better choice, but that's only my point of view.

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Neadal Author

The kings of Hungary named their apparent heir joint king, did they not? In any case we are open to suggestions ;)

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You are right, many king of ours made his heir crowned in his lifetime due to the fact, Hungary didn't have a solidly established succession law only in the late 1500s.
BTW, this mod is awesome!

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