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This is our third faction preview, covering the Lizardmen of the Lustrian and Southlands jungles. These cold-blooded fighters (and this time we mean cold blooded completely literally) are a powerful and implacable opponent of the forces of chaos and destruction - which for them includes pretty much everyone else on the planet...

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In our third faction preview, we turn to the far south and the temple-cities of the Lizardmen. The most ancient race in the Warhammer World, the Lizardmen were the servants of the ancient "Old Ones", who brought order to the world but disappeared at the Coming of Chaos. Now they continually strive against the pesky younger races to restore the perfection of old and return the world to its correct and proper order. They come in many varieties, from the huge and powerful Kroxigor to the tiny but intelligent skinks, and have a variety of interesting tactical options including one of the most powerful monsters in the game - the might stegadon - and the skink priest's meteor shower attack which though inaccurate can devastate an enemy army. The armies of the Old Ones will soon march forth once more - once they are called to arms again!


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