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Faction presentation for the Kingdom of Lordaeron.

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Hey there Warcraft 3 fans,

Today we are happy to announce our first faction presentation for our project. As is customary, we will start with the Kingdom of Lordaeron and later on we will release more of our factions' progress.

Warcraft III Reforged   Humans I

Stay tuned for upcoming news.


So it's pretty much Human side with a twist. Honestly, I am glad that the faction is purely human, makes more sense when you look at the name, never knew why they didn't name the Human side as Alliance and Orc side as Horde in the original when it was more than just Humans and Orcs but... It is how it is. Either way, nice video, can't wait to see Draenei in action.

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Looks good, but I'm not a big fan of heroes sharing the same abilities...

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Age_of_Warcraft Author

Thanks mate, the abilities of the heroes are not yet filal. For example the holy paladin will have an aoe heal instead of holy light.

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Muy buen trabajo

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