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A quick run down of the units that will be available in the first alpha release of the mod for the New Republic and X1's Remnant.

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A look at the main factions of X1's War and their respective units and attributes.

New Republic Overview

NR Seal

Formed in 4 ABY, after the dissolution of the former Alliance of Free Planets following the Battle of Endor, The New Republic was to become the supreme governmental authority of the galaxy. The "New" Republic was supposed to be a continuation of the original Galactic Republic, which had previously been reorganized into the Galactic Empire.

Infantry Units

New Republic Trooper


Succeeding the Rebel Trooper, the New Republic Trooper utilizes updated A295 Blaster Rifles, DH-17 Carbines, and Thermal Detonators as the primary foot soldier of the restored Galactic Republic.

New Republic Vanguard


The New Republic Vanguard specializes in heavy ordnance, carrying an HH-15 Rocket Launcher, Time Bombs, and Mines in addition to his DH-17 Carbine.

New Republic Sharpshooter


Crack shots, the New Republic sharpshooters use DLT-20A Sniper Rifles for long-range kills, as well as small recon droids. For close combat, they are armed with thermal detonators and DH-17 Blaster Carbines.

New Republic Combat Engineer


Republic Combat Engineers, unlike the Remnant's equivalent, are not intended to deliver destruction, at least not directly. They are armed for close defense with their ACP Array Shotgun, but they primarily prefer to use their ARC Cutter and materials to great effect, repairing vehicles, turrets, or other installations while deploying new barriers and turrets to further fortify and strengthen New Republic positions.

New Republic Officer

officer 1officersnow

The New Republic Officer provides organization to the ground forces of the galactic government. Armed with a Golan Arms Flechette Weapon and DL-44, they are capable in their own right, but their importance comes from their ability to provide additional fortification and endurance to soldiers as well as orbital strikes.

New Republic Support Trooper


Lightly armed, New Republic Support Troopers are the very opposite of Remnant Dark Troopers and Support Troopers. They are highly mobile, but their SonoMax 100 is primarily intended only for emergency use. Instead, their mobility is utilized to great effect in delivering support with their Bacta Injector, Health and Ammo Kits, or Auto-Turrets.

New Republic SpecOps Commando


Descended from the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Special Forces, the New Republic SpecOps Commandos fulfill a similar role as their predecessors. Trained for surgical strikes, they carry a cloaking kit and detpacks. For close combat, their preference is to freeze opponents with their Carbonite Rifle, and, failing that, to quickly eliminate opposition with specially issued Repeaters.

New Jedi Order Jedi Knight


After the collapse of the Galactic Empire, Luke Skywalker set to work founding a new generation of Jedi. Many of these Jedi would fight for peace on the side of the New Republic in continuing efforts to wipe away the Galactic Empire's remnants.


All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT)

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The All Terrain Personal Transport (New Republic variant) is a light assault walker capable of supporting infantry groups in a wide variety of environments. Armed with two light anti-personnel cannons and a grenade launcher, the AT-PT carries a sufficient arsenal for most situations.

Aratech 520 Battle Platform


The Aratech 520 Battle Platform provides the New Republic the offensive and defensive armor and firepower necessary for going toe-to-toe with the large formations and heavy weaponry favored by Imperial factions. Armed with 4 Light Turbolasers and 2 Heavy Turbolasers, the 520 Battle Platform allows the New Republic to transport and deliver both troops and firepower during engagements.

Space Units

New Republic Pilot


New Republic pilots consist of both veterans of the Galactic Civil War and new recruits alike. Though primarily armed with whatever they are flying, they also carry a DL-44 sidearm in addition to their ARC cutter and timebombs when they are needed in a more direct capacity.

New Republic Marine


The New Republic's infantry in space, marines wield A295 Rifles, HH15 Launchers, and Thermal Detonators to great effect as part of advance boarding parties or landing groups.



Part of the New Republic's military buildup, the E-Wing is a new fighter intended to replace the X-Wing as the primary workhorse of the navy. While fast, maneuverable, and effective, it failed to displace the X-Wing as a result of its reliability issues.



The workhorse of the Rebel Alliance and now the New Republic, the X-Wing remains a favorite of many pilots for its versatility and satisfactory armament.



The BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighter, commonly known as the K-wing, was a heavy starfighter/bomber. Armed with multiple laser cannons spread out over the wings and two turrets, concussion missiles, and proton bombs, the K-Wing is a force to be reckoned with on its own, much less as part of a larger formation. Its heavy armament and complement come at the cost of some speed and maneuverability, however.


General Luke Skywalker


The first of the New Jedi Order, Luke Skywalker played a significant role in bringing balance to the force and now continues in his quest for Galactic peace by serving the New Republic as it fights on to stamp out the remnants of the Empire.

General Leia Organa-Solo


Following the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, Leia Organa-Solo would eventually become a Jedi just as her brother Luke Skywalker had become.

General Han Solo


Han Solo was a male Human smuggler from the planet Corellia who achieved galactic fame as a member of the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic. He continues to serve in the New Republic as a General.

Commander X2


X2 was a Force-sensitive clone trooper secretly created by the Kaminoans prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars, alongside his brother, X1. He fought in the Clone Wars as a trooper and was witness to Order 66. Following the formation of the Empire, he defected and sought out Falon Grey; after the latter's death, he was recruited into the Rebellion by Rahm Kota and led Grey Squadron. He would eventually become a member of the New Jedi Order and fight in X1's War to ultimately end his brother's reign of terror.

Ahsoka Tano


Having survived the Clone Wars as well as the Galactic Civil War, Ahsoka Tano now serves the New Republic as she feels she is needed.

Kyle Katarn


Kyle Katarn was a famous Force-sensitive Human male Rebel operative from Sulon and later a Jedi of the New Jedi Order. He was a former Imperial stormtrooper who defected to the Rebellion.

General Rahm Kota


A veteran of the Clone Wars who survived thanks to his longstanding distrust of clones and belief in seasoned soldiers, Rahm Kota cheated death time and time again, even though he lost his sight along the way. Having recruited X2 into Grey Squadron, Rahm Kota was the first after Falon Grey to expose X2 to the ways of the force. Kota continues to serve in the New Republic as a General.

X1's Remnant Overview


One of the lesser-known Remnants of the Galactic Empire, X1's Remnant represents one of the more radical splinter groups. Led by the scheming Lord X1, former Clone Trooper, the Remnant exerts its control through the use of its fanatically loyal Stormtrooper Corps, various mercenaries, and a collection of Dark Side experiments in order to combat the New Republic in a bid to establish a new dominion with X1 at its head.

Infantry Units

Remnant Stormtrooper


The primary footsoldiers of X1's Remnant, Remnant Stormtroopers continue where the Empire left off, the only difference being their fanatical devotion to Lord X1. Carrying new E-15 Blaster Rifles with increased stopping power along with an Rk3 Sidearm and Thermal Detonators, they are capable ground units.

Some Remnant Stormtroopers later in X1's War were churned out as mildly successful results of cloning experiments.

Remnant Heavy Trooper

heavy 1

Carrying a Rocket Launcher, E-11 Carbine, Thermal Detonators, and Landmines, the Remnant Heavy Trooper brings to the battlefield the explosive ordnance X1's Remnant needs to take on serious threats.

Veteran Scout Trooper


Like many of X1's devotees, Scout Troopers have seen their fair share of action. Though their armor may be worn and damaged, their arsenal remains deadly. Scout Troopers carry an E-11s Sniper Rifle and Viper Probe Droid for long engagements in addition to an E-11 Blaster Carbine and MerrSonn V1 Thermal Detonators for personal defense.

Remnant Support Trooper

engineer 1

Armed with an IM-19 Shotgun, Plasma Welder, Detpacks, and Health and Ammo kits, Remnant Support Troopers provide the assistance needed to keep Remnant infantry in the fight while simultaneously hitting enemies with both targeted explosions and indiscriminate blasts.

Remnant Stormtrooper Commander


Leaders of X1's fanatical Stormtrooper corps, Stormtrooper Commanders provide Damage Buffs to nearby allies. Additionally, they can call in Orbital Strikes to provide support, and carry a Golan Arms Flechette Weapon and E-11 Carbine for personal combat.

Phase III Dark Trooper


Salvaged from the remains of Rahm Mohc's Dark Trooper program, recovered Phase III Dark Troopers are utilized by Lord X1's army to great effect as a mobile unit. Armed with a TL-50 Repeater, E-11 Carbine, DX1 Disruptor Grenade, and Timebombs, Phase III Darktroopers are formidable, well-armed, highly mobile units.

Remnant Prototrooper


As part of Lord X1's plans for the creation of a new clone army, salvaged Imperial Department of Military Research documents and material were used to put together updated suits of armor. Veteran Stormtroopers who earned the privilege of wearing Prototrooper armor were granted elite weapons as well, including the X11c Arc Caster, F11D Prototype, and a Cloaking Kit. The elite forces of the Remnant, they have seen much action.

Spoiled Clone Soldier/Royal Guard (Melee Class)


The horrific results of X1's mad plans for a new clone army, Spoiled Clones are barely sentient brutes capable of delivering the killing force of a Wampa.

On other planets, the melee class of X1's Remnant is filled by the Imperial Royal Guard, many of whom were also enlisted by X1 following the fall of the Galactic Empire.




The All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) was a lightweight, bipedal walker used by the ground forces of the Galactic Empire. Later, X1's Remnant used old stocks of AT-STs within their military.


ift t

The TX-130T fighter tank, also known as the IFT-T, was a repulsorlift combat assault tank manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering. A favorite of Imperial factions, X1's Remnant made great use of these in their war against the New Republic. It is armed with two laser cannons, missile launchers, and a beam cannon.

Space Units

Remnant Pilot

pilot 1

Remnant Pilots are skilled, capable of carrying the fight through space and sky. Carrying an RK3 sidearm, Plasma Welder, and Detpacks, they can handle themselves well in hairy situations.

Remnant Marine Commando

marine 1

Remnant Marine Commandos allow X1's Remnant to quickly deploy forces onto hostile worlds for subjugation or on enemy ships to deliver decisive damage. Carrying an E-15 Rifle, MiniMag PTL Launcher, and Thermal Detonators, they are fearsome veterans.

TIE Viper


Sleek new starfighters designed to provide an intermediary between the TIE Fighter's affordability and all-roundedness and the TIE Interceptor's speed and firepower, the TIE Vipers form a significant component of X1's Navy.

TIE Fighter


The faithful Twin-Ion Engine Fighter is as cheap and capable as ever in X1's hands.

TIE Interceptor


Introduced partway through the Galactic Civil War, TIE Interceptors continue to see use with X1's forces as an efficient executor of offensive will.

TIE Advanced Bomber


Another new addition to X1's Navy, the TIE Advanced Bomber attempts to fulfill much the same role as the New Republic's K-Wing, providing decent transport space along with a serious amount of firepower. Its decent speed and maneuverability in comparison to the K-Wing comes at the cost of shielding and armor, however.


Lord X1


X1 was a Force-sensitive clone trooper who served the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire. Along with his brother, X2, he was created by the Kaminoans from the DNA of a Jedi Knight, Falon Grey, and grew up in secret on the planet Kamino. The Leader of the Remnant, Lord X1 aspires to reconquer the Galaxy, this time with himself at the head of the Empire. Many of his plans circulate around various cloning projects, from new Stormtroopers to Wookiees to an army of Dark Jedi.

Dathomirian Witch


Acquainted with X1's Remnant by way of his cloning experiments on Dathomir, the Dathomirian Witch serves the cause of the Remnant faithfully as a powerful Dark Side adept. One of her unique talents is to inflict the effects of plague and poison upon her foes.

Dark Acolyte


A former Dark Jedi servant of the Empire, the Dark Acolyte's origins are, nonetheless, shrouded in mystery. However, with an impressive collection of sabers and the ability to wield them well, he is more than welcome in X1's army.

Kardok the Saboteur


A veteran of the Galactic Civil War and a competent member of X1's army, Kardok was assigned to the cloning facility on Dathomir. It was there that he was responsible for the sabotage of Grey Squadron's fighters and the subsequent deaths of many of its pilots, drawing the ire of Commander X2. He carries an E-11s Sniper Rifle, modified E-11 Carbine, cloaking kit, timebombs, and a personal shield.



A violent war droid who gained sentience and became a bounty hunter, IG-88 continues to serve the highest bidder. At the moment, that highest bidder happens to be Lord X1. IG-88 carries two blaster rifles and timebombs. Additionally, upon death, he drops a timebomb as part of his self-destruct initiative.

That'll do it for this overview. In the next one, you'll get a look at the minor factions.



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