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An overview of the history, strengths and weakness of the Empire of Sweden.

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In the early 18th century the Swedish Empire was considered one of Europe’s great powers. When young King Charles the 12th (aka Carolus Rex... que Sabaton) takes the throne, his empire is at war with Denmark to the west, Poland-Lithuania to the south, and Russia to the East. Throughout his tenure as King and commander of the Swedish forces, Charles the 12th inspires his men to victory after victory. Outnumbered 2 to 1 or even sometimes as much as 4 to 1, the little Swedish army would charge home with bayonets fixed after just a few volleys.

After King Charles’ disastrous invasion of Russia, and subsequent death to an enemy bullet during a siege in Norway, the once great Swedish Empire quickly collapsed, never to rise again.


  • Very strong Finnish light cavalry
  • Very high morale and melee stats for early line infantry
  • Cavalry is packed closer together, giving charges more of a devastating impact
  • Access to Elite Swedish Life Guards and Superior Line Infantry in the late period


  • Limited line infantry: only 4 line infantry, and 5 Superior Line infantry recruitable
  • Line infantry are only available in early period, Superior Line infantry and Life Guards are only available in the late period
  • Lacks guard infantry other than the 2 Life Guards and 2 Republican Guards.


In the early period swedish line infantry will outclass nearly every other infantry unit, particularly in melee. They are slower to reload however, so it is best to close to melee range sooner than later. Meanwhile the Finnish light cavalry “Hakkapeliitta” is superb at flanking and rear charging enemy formations

In the late period, Sweden relies on its solid Life Guards and Superior Line Infantry to hold the line while it’s densely packed cavalry delivers devastating charges into enemy formations. Late period Sweden is still powerful, however, it no longer has such a clear edge over its opponents and must play its battles a little more carefully.


The Swedish Empire is one of the most powerful factions in the early game, it's only weakness being a limit in numbers. In the late game however many of those advantages begin to disappear, but with it comes the opportunity to raise ever larger armies that can stand toe to toe with almost all of Europe's great powers.

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