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A little bit more info about the faction, how they play out, what their roster is like and uniqeu stuff like that, I will update this article as I go along.

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This is a brief overview of what a faction will be like, I still dont have a ful lroster but I can tell you the work I have put into it

So they will start in Grey Mountains with Dains Halls and Onazanar, they will be nemies of Gundabad,Moria Goblins and Anduin (bcs of Frams insult to them and the dwarves probably killing him for that), they will specialize in melee, like all dwarves but their ranged options are gonna be crossbows with some unique units designed to take down big creatures due to their dragonslayer lore. And yes the point of this faction is that they are dragonslayers.

Roster info ( so far ):

militia: dwarven labourers(same as all DaC dwarves)

Tier 1: Ered Mithrin Spearmen(spear and shield), Ered Mithrin Swordmen(sword and shield), Ered Mithrin Hunters(jaw + dualwield) , these guys will have armor ug

Some archer unit that doesnt share the look with other tier 1

Tier 2: still thinking of names but an axe and shield, pike, 2handed ap axe and crossbow units

Tier 3: Dragonslayers ( 1 missile BP,AP projectile, then ap spear and shield), Vault Guard ( 2H axe not ap)

Special: Vault Wardens (high mass, very defensive unit with ap attack of 1), Dwarven Chariot ( Balista chariot )

Bodyguard: Raven Guard(dual wield, very powerfull infantry killers)

Thats the roster, if you have name suggestions or unit suggestions feel free to put them in the comments and ill look into them


Are you using that amazing blacklock projectile from reforge for this?

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SkylliBeast Author

im not farmiliar with that projectile, but I will probably make my own

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