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The Global Defence . Is of course the goverment that fights against the Rebels !

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The Global Defence

The Global Defence is amore like a army build up from cops,fbi,army,swat,special forces.They will try to defence SA as long as possible by defeating The traingle and Landwalkers. The Global defence has no tactis unlike others . They use the tanks rockets and stealth unis to ambush enemy's and crush them.


They have a few generals located at area 69 .

Paxton Grave

General of 1st army (World emergency team)
Knows whole SA
Leads everything in SA

Nate Gexa

General of 2d army (SA defence team)
Has LS under controle
Leads most units in the area

Tom Desta

leader of 3d army (Desert Attackers)
Struggeling in the desert
Finding out the Beam cannon

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