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After many weeks of non-stop development, RC is finally ready.

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The current version is still in a testing phase and may have multiple bugs. Please send all your bug reports to This will aid us and speed up the development process.

The following guide fully elaborates on how to correctly identify CTD error's
Crash Report...

Thank you for your assistance.


Officially entering development in late 2009 the FF-Mod has come a long way since then. My inspiration to develop this mod came from the success Artistpavel & the Dez0wave team.

Version (.exe installer)
#New then apply patch 2.1

Can't your machine run this mod? Try installing float 32 shaders over the stock mod shaders... Float32 is a mod that aims to improve the performance of xray, it can be downloaded here: Filefront

After many weeks of nonstop development, version 2 is finally ready. Unlike the previous version, FF 2.0 has major graphical enhancements in addition with unforgetable ambience and streamlined gameplay.

Graphically the game has been completely overhauled. Many different MODS have been compiled and customized by ZeNith to create a graphically superior S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

· Panoramic weather system
· Fully restored sun
· Parallax Occlusion Mapping
· Depth of field
· Realistic shadow formations
· Retextured Water
· Dynamic fire lighting

Authors: Argus, Sky4ace, Eggchen, ceano, Zero_3, Natvac, ZeNith

In order to perfect the end user experience, we have made many changes and additions to the game play. All the annoyances of the original game have been dealt with.

· Faction joining & Wars
· Sleeping bag
· Reworked Loot & Trading
· Unpredictable encounters
· Repairing of items
· New items
· Realistic but Balanced weapon damage
· Duty at garbage can be Bribed
· AMK Shootable crows
· Realistic ragdolls

Authors: ZeNith, Natvac, Ceano, Sane, Bac9-flcl, Jamie 1992, Eggchen, Masster, Iwer, gannebamm, Kasper, Zoid, Atrocious, Buddie, AMK team, notanumber, LexMalin

SHOC'S default textures are very low detail and have nothing unique or definitive about them. To eliminate the generality of the textures, Argus's photo-realistic zone has been included. The zone by default is very dead; to liven up the zone we have added a spring season game world.

· Photo-realistic zone
· Weapon retextures
· Redone creature bumpmaps and skins
· High quality asphalt texture
· Spring season Gameworld
· Unique actor meshes

Authors: ZeNith, Rioname, Bac9-flcl, Fishy_joe, Artistpavel, The_snake, Argus, Buddie, DezoWave, n ck-cz, phantom oblivion

The NPC's in default S.T.A.L.K.E.R. are very rudimentary and have psychic vision and hearing powers. This is perhaps the area we have paid the most critical attention too in this modification.

· Perfected AI vision presets
· NPC's can use medkits, Throw grenades, remove dead bodies & play the harmonica.
· NPC's use tactics according to their rank & faction
· NPC's are more inquisitive
· NPC's can bleed
· Anomaly evasion
· Rebalanced NPC weapon ration
· Reworked stealth
· Mutants are more sophisticated in their attacks.

Authors: ZeNith, xstream, red75, Bac9-flcl, AMK Team

We have compiled 3 of top rated sound mods together enhancing the games ambience and Zone-world sound. Along with all the enhancements we have added over 50 new campfire solos, NPC's can also play the harmonica. The harmonica tracks are from COP.

· English NPC States
· Weapon sounds
· Ambience
· High quality game sounds
· New main menu music

Authors: imperialreign, Darius6, Artistpavel, GSC Gameworld

The default game has many typographical errors with the English version; while still interpretable the careless language mistakes do not finish the game off. For this we have turned to RAWs revamp... This is a painstakingly long rework of the English localization. We have also reviewed the language files of mods that add dialogues.

Authors: tharawdeal, onionradish, ZeNith

By default very overdone and obstructive, the new interface is minimalistic, user friendly and easily interpreted, giving the game a polished and streamlined appeal.

· Minimalistic HUD replacement
· New Mainmenu and Loadscreen
· Reworked PDA and mainmenu layout
· New inventory with 15 belt slots
· Smaller grid with less scrolling needed
· Elite night vision

Authors: ZRP, ZeNith, Autologic, Darius6, notanumber, Dez0wave

Bug fixes are the priority of the Zone Reclamation Project 1.05c. This mod is a community effort to fix the bugs in STALKER. It also reduces and removes annoyances of the game, such as "Get out of here, STALKER!"

· Potential CTD's have been fixed
· Broken quests have been fixed
· Faulty scripts work properly
· Smart Save Esc-F1
· Game events now run smoother
· Fixed Noise pollution

Authors: ZRP Team, GSC Game world community


Nice update, i will try this, this week end.

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Question: If you stated freeplay is right from the beginning, is there a hot key for it like other mods, or do i just ignore the quests? cause if i ignore quests i cant get farther than bar

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where is it

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can this work together with the "Complete series" mod?

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Soliddoors_ZA Author

@ DucTTapE

I am currently uploading it, but due to repairs on the undersea cables my internet is running slowly. Expect the upload to be done sometime tomorrow.


I wouldn't recommend merging this modification with the complete series, it may cause instability, however many of the features in complete are in this modification.


The duty at the garbage can be bribed, allowing passage deeper into the zone.

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13 hours of uploading. Wow, I feel sorry for you. Must be painful watching it go at 2 kbs/s. Seriously. Ouch.

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Soliddoors_ZA Author

It's now hit 50%. It will problably be done this evening.

No promises... (384kbps south african internet :/)

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