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Set up a Facebook page for those who prefer to keep up to date via social media rather than this site.

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Hey guys.

Obviously there isn't a whole lot of stuff on this page as of posting this article, however it is also where I plan to post things such as artwork, possible soundbites, development videos etc to show the development as it goes along. Do NOT expect this to be out before 2019 however, unless I can build a team quickly, development will really pick up by the time I actually start University. It might be able to start getting more developed by 2018 during my Art Foundation, however only time will tell.

As for an update to the project so far, I am still writing up the plot, I hope for it to be as fleshed out as I can get it to be for being my first video game created. College is eating up quite a chunk of the time I would love to spend on plot writing, but hopefully I can punch out the script by early Summer, and get in some voice recordings during the Summer.

~Damien, Creator of Ode to Retribution (game)

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