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A fresh new cleaning survival game focused in your skills and time management, as you try to survive locked inside one of the most infamous places on earth, Magical Queen's Land.

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Releasing this next month, a new physics based cleaning survival horror game where your goal is to manage your time and organize your tools as you survive inside a haunted park!

You take the role of the new park employee, joining the Magical Queen's Land partner program, in order to reduce your sentence you will work for 3 days in this facility, clear all the props and disposing of junk.

¿Piece of cake right?

What you're not told is that this place hides something..

Many people don't want to work here for a reason, maybe from the scary environment, or maybe for the many legends surrounding the castle walls, talking about a Queen and her minions, who will follow lost visitors in the night.

This stops being a professional experience to quickly become a death trap, finish and leave before 3AM, if you want to make it out alive.

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