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Alien scum have invaded Earth, it's time to take a selfie and save the world!

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Stinky aliens have invaded Earth, but by using the camera in your iOS device you can place yourself in the action and fight back against the extra-terrestrial scumbuckets! It really will be YOUR face being invaded (or your girlfriend's, boyfriend's or hamster's)!

Your mission is simply to survive for as long as possible against endless waves of increasingly nasty alien jerks and hideous bosses. Since each enemy requires a specific touch input to destroy, your tapping, slashing and squishing powers will be pushed to the limit. Forget Finger Aerobics or Hand Pilates
- Face Invaders is a true test of your speed and reflexes.

Build up an arsenal of devastating powers to decimate the alien invaders, use multiple fingers or even team-up with a friend! The aliens just keep on coming, the only question is - How long can YOU last against the
Face Invaders?


· A simple system which allows you to put yourself in the game!
· Heaps of different enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
· Massive stinky bosses!
· Awesome powers to unlock and unleash!
· Lovingly crafted art and music that pay homage to the golden age of science-fiction adventure.
· No advertising or in-App purchases. Ever.
· More than 20 Game Center achievements and challenges.

Get Face Invaders now!

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