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Plenty of new stuff and christmas stuff! Ne door mechanism, new AI, many new details, objects!

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Fabricant: Episode 2

Hi guys! Today, I'm going to show you what I've done in a past months. Unfortunetly, it's not going to be a episode 2, but very,very upgraded episode 1. It also contains christmas stuff like bonus christmas levels,basic fabricant remade to be winter-like levels. You can also look for a collectable gnomes, to gain access to the extra-bonus level which contains the beginning of Fabricant: Episode 2 :)


  • New, totally rewritten AI
  • New door mechanism! (like this in amnesia)
  • Many new objects, models, details
  • New scares, scripted events
  • New sounds
  • It's not longer in beta :P
  • New voiceacting lines
  • New camera animations
  • Bugfixes
  • Christmas stuff*
  • Christmas levels*
  • Collectables*

* - The christmas stuff will disappear within 7 days (28.12.2014) and it will be replaced with normal, non-christmas stuff.That's it! I hope you'll like it and check the game again

Fabricant: Episode 1 Story Trailer - Indie DB


Fabricant: Episode 1 v.1.1.0 Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas,

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