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Fable III was thought to have some Kinect functionality but sadly it has been confirmed to not be supporting Kinect. Whether they make a patch for it in the future is still un-known...

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Peter Molyneux has confirmed that Fable 3 will not ship with Kinect support.
The Lionhead boss revealed on the the Engadget Show that there will be no motion control content in the third Fable game when it hits shelves on October 26 for 360.
This is despite Molyneux saying back in October last year that Fable 3 WOULD support Kinect (then Project Natal).
All's not lost, however; Molyneux told Joystiq after the show that some sort of Kinect support could be available post-launch. Apparently the Kinect functionality that was originally set to be in the game wasn't up to standard.
Molyneux is a strong supporter of Kinect and is the man behind the strange in many ways, Milo & Kate, which he believes can change the world.

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