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EXU2 Open Beta v5.02 is now available! Loads of bug fixes, improvements, and a major HUD overhaul!

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EXU2: Batshit Insane EXU2: Batshit Insane
EXU2: Batshit Insane EXU2: Batshit Insane

Open Beta Version 5.02:

Campaign Changes:

  • Hellcastle (Menu Map)

    • Misc. improvements and tweaks to lighting, geometry, decorations, etc.
  • Frostclaw Outpost (Map 8)
    • Gameplay tweaks and improvements and some visual touchups.
  • Other Maps (10, 11, 13, 15)
    • Again, misc. technical fixes and tweaks.

Other changes:

  • Major HUD updates. All icons have been redone, the translator screen has been redone, and many little bugs have been fixed. Also added ammo warning / critical color changes to the digit readout. Note that the HUD is still very much a work in progress, but it's much more standardized and much nicer to look at than before. Also, chat messages are actually readable now! Yay!
  • HUGE improvements to pawns' abilities to aim with indirectfire projectiles. Instead of having an effective max range with grenades, biogel, heavy plasma balls, etc., pawns will now calculate the proper trajectory for their projectiles based on your distance and the projectile speed, allowing them to hit you at long range with indirect weaponry. Makes certain enemies much more effective in large, open areas, but not all.
  • AntiTankRiotMercenaries now use MedPlasmaBallSP instead of MP. The former has way less momentum transfer.
  • Piddledoper beams now use a new damage type called 'PulseBeam' instead of 'Pulsed' like the primary fire. The reasoning for this will be explained in a later patch!
  • EnergyAR, Hyper Flakker, Clusterfucker, and RFPC now have functional ammo LEDs.
  • Fixed Extractor ammo icon not appearing on the HUD (by giving it one, derp). Flare Gun also now gives a noticeable warning icon when no flares are loaded.
  • New visuals for the Hyper Flakker weapon, ammo, and alt fire grenades! Grenades also have WAY COOLER sound effects.
  • EXUWeapon subclasses no longer disappear after a while when dropped by players or pawns in SP games. They still time out normally in MP, but in SP they will persist forever like health/ammo/etc until picked up instead of vanishing after 15 or 40 seconds of inactivity without being seen (which is what standard weapons do, for some reason).
  • Fixed EXUFly StingDamage variable being hidden. You can now access it for subclasses or map-placed flies, hooray! Thanks UB for pointing that out.
  • Reduced momentum transfer from Tempest missiles by 75%.
  • Fixed Shock Troopers being afraid of the Extractor. They no longer run away like morons when you pull out a melee weapon against them.
  • Fixed EXUSquids being unable to use their melee attack against you under any circumstances. Whoops. Not like anyone noticed, though, since squids are such useless opponents... for now.
  • EXU Shotty now has a single-shot alt fire and shoots five rounds in primary. Currently lacking a reload sequence after five alt shots, but it's getting there. Alt fires quickly but does less damage, though slightly tigher spread, making it better for long-range harassment. Primary is excellent as ever at short range.
  • Fixed bots being unable to aim the EXU Shotty. It technically fires projectiles now, but they're so damn fast it doesn't really make much difference. Except for them being able to kill you, of course. That's a pretty noticeable difference.
  • Demon Skull projectiles (spawned by Archdemon meteors, Demon Krall Elite, etc) are now destructible and can be shot down. Hard to hit, though.
  • RFPC and LRPC projectiles were bugged; plasma burns would not affect any pawns that stood still. This has been fixed.
  • Lots of under-the-hood code cleanup and enhancements and minor bugfixes.

>>>>> Get the latest version right here on ModDB or on the EXU Forums! <<<<<

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