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Extreme Wolfenstein 3D v2-A preview of the new features which will be added soon!

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Even more extra-attacks will be addedToday, I reveal the secrets of Extreme Wolfenstein 3D v2! In the near future, players will have maybe even a few more weapons to deal destruction with, and maybe even some stick-grenades! There will be a variety of bug-fixes, improvements upon the existing gameplay, and better support for the Spear of Destiny mission packs. Chances are, as I add new weapons, XDeath states may have to be elaborated on... I may new types of officers, and spawn random ones in place of the regular officers; now we may have Officers, Kommadants, Colonels, and possibly more! As a note for the mission packs; bear in mind that there are some radioactive decorative objects in that castle, and that shooting them could be disastrous or amazing, depending on your point of view. Finally, I will also simply add a few improved sounds to the mod, as the sound is somewhat uneven currently. (I may have added a few other SECRET things which you may have to look around to find...)

More random animations will be added.

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