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Discouraged Workers Steam Community features has been updated!

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Thank you for your visit. I am Lee Yunseok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. Discouraged Workers Extras Vol.2 and Vol.3 has been updated on September 18th, PDT. This is a minor update.

Extras Vol.2 - Steam Avatars:

I've updated the 35 avatars. If you our group member, you can use it: Avatar list

Extras Vol.3 - Steam Profile Backgrounds:

I've replaced all the Steam Profile Backgrounds for KNDW. The images has not yet been applied on Steam Trading Market. But if you get or already have any KNDW backgrounds, it will work for your profile and inventory. Here is example.

Important notice

If you purchased Early Access($ 7.99) or OST DLC(now on), please remember your purchase store and receipt. Someday you will come soon to use it. But if you HumbleBundle or itchio user, you don't need to remember it. I already knew your e-mail address. Your receipt links:

Other notice

Then, I'll be back soon.

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