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Hi all, I've just finished the final touches on an extensive tutorial to teach players the mechanics of the game demo. I would appreciate all feedback and playtesting comments from any and all! Cheers.

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Hi all, the tutorial is done, but by no means tested.

You will find it here: DEMO

I would appreciate it if you would check it out, give me your impressions as to where you might have struggled, where you might have been needlessly confused, where you might have spent most of your time in the tutorial, and so on.

I'm aiming to have the tutorial take about 5 minutes to be completed, so if you know roughly how long it took you, let me know.

Leave comments here, on my site page, on my youtube dev channel, the facebook page, wherever you feel like leaving feedback and I will find it.

I hope you enjoy my alpha demo thus far, you're all awesome.

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