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42min ingame video on youtube, showing the mod's state.

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I've you haven't seen it already - here is an extensive video update (42min) from August, showing off the state of the ingame content (tanks, aircraft, infantry gear) with commentary. I post this as an article, as this vid is too large to upload here on moddb.


  • 0:30 Leman Russ Tank Family
  • 8:30 Chimera Tank Family
  • 19:20 Macharius Tank
  • 22:00 Color Schemes
  • 22:30 early look at Centaur and Baneblade
  • 25:40 Valkyrie
  • 27:30 Thunderbolt
  • 31:00 Infantry Gear and Handweapons


It looks great so far!

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Looks and works brilliant! Well done sir!

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Beautiful work X3KJ. Great attention to detail. Polished addons all round.

Funny enough, I had very similar problems with my centaur in OFP. It spun like crazy on it's axis when turning. Very erratic. Must be something to do with the shape of the geo. I could never get it working the way I wanted to. Never had any "sticking" though. That must be specific to A3.

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